Steam now has an integrated cloud note pad you can pin atop your video game

Valve has simply delivered a substantial UI overhaul to Steam’s In-Game Overlay in the Steam Beta, to name a few fresh coats of paint. It likewise includes one especially incredible concept: a taking a trip note pad.

Yes, you’ve most likely currently got a note pad app on your PC, however does yours instantly turn up the proper file that represents each video game you play? Can you overlay it on top of your video game so it shows up while you play? Does it instantly sync from PC to PC by means of the cloud? Valve states its brand-new Notes app does all of that, and works offline too.

It’s not the just window you can recently pin atop a video game: Valve states Guides, Discussions, and the Steam web internet browser can all be summoned into your video game with adjustable opacity– you can even enjoy video while you’re playing a video game utilizing that internet browser, according to Valve.

You’ll likewise see a brand-new Video game Summary when you bring up the overlay, a toolbar for fast access to “anything you might require in the middle of a video game,” a revamped alerts tab and screenshot supervisor. The spot likewise brings optional hardware velocity for the Linux variation of Steam, with Mac en route, and small UI modifies to other parts of the user interface. You can see Valve’s complete upgrade post here with more screenshots.

Valve states it’s beginning to deliver these sorts of modifications throughout Steam Desktop, Broad View Mode and Steam Deck at the same time– however the Deck just has them in its Linux desktop mode since today. Valve’s Lawrence Yang validates that includes like the Notes mode will be concerning the Deck video gaming mode later on too, though.

You’ll require to decide into a Steam Beta to see any of this in the meantime, up until Valve includes the modifications to a steady release.

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