macos – Keyboard design switch lag

In extension to the old concern, I wished to increase this concern when again, possibly somebody learnt any brand-new strong service to this frustrating bug.

It is still the exact same and follows me for the numerous current MacOS releases:

Occasionally (I do not have strong information however seems like every 40-60 minutes) keyboard design switch quits working from the very first shot. I require to duplicate it a couple of times more to change design. And after that it keeps working effectively for some more time up until the next time. I do not see any connection on the precise application that can trigger this concern, appears like it recreates all over.

And it likewise does not appear to be some sort of hotkey timeout, since when it works, it changes quickly, no matter how quickly I do it.

My existing setup: MBPro 14″ M1Pro, MacOS 13.1 (22C65), Cmd-Space as a hotkey to change designs.

What I have actually currently attempted to fix this concern:

  1. Switch Off Siri
  2. Usage approach with Select the previous input source
    rather of Select the next input source
  3. Disabling system-wide Per-application design in favor to Punto Switcher application

And more to state – I have numerous good friends how never ever experienced this concern and numerous good friends who suffer every day as I am. This one drives me insane, I practically totally despaired in the possibility to repair this concern.

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