Salmon Creek Farm: Eco-Minded Neighborhood Amongst the Redwoods on the Mendocino Coast

Salmon Creek Farm ( @salmon_creek_farm) has actually made a number of peaceful looks on my Instagram feed recently. About the seventh time, when a buddy DMed among its rustic cabin kitchen areas, I clicked through to their website and didn’t resurface for a number of hours. (I’m far from the only one: Maggie Gyllenhaal is simply among its lots of celeb fans.)

Surrounded by towering redwoods, orchards, and natural veggie and flower gardens, this put on the Mendocino Coast is house to Salmon Creek Farm Arts, a preservationist “land-based” not-for-profit that provides area for artists to decrease and develop. The accommodations: “7 self-dependent, modest, homemade visitor cabins reached by foot tracks throughout 33 acres of south-facing seaside redwoods.”

The company’s roots return years, to a commune called Salmon Creek Farm (SCF) began in 1971 by “a group of youths turning down traditional culture and trying to find something else,” the website reports. (You can take a look through the archives, and images from those early years, on the homepage) The commune stopped being active in the 1980s, however, the New York City Times reports, some initial members still lived there as just recently as a couple of years back, when the LA-based artist Fritz Haeg purchased the location. Now revitalized, the not-for-profit’s very first season of artist stays will remain in 2024 (look for an area here); on the other hand, the cabins are offered as leasings to “assist support immediate repair work, building, and facilities tasks ($ 100k for brand-new roofing systems on all cabins! $40k for brand-new water treatment system & & tank! $50k for Rainbow cabin restoration!).”

In addition to the rustic, handcrafted, and quintessentially Californian cabins, there’s likewise this to appreciate: Salmon Creek Farm is completely vegetarian, works to cultivate the redwood environment around it that was as soon as sliced down, and undertakings to run as a zero-waste, package-free, compost-driven neighborhood.

Join us for a take a look at a few of the areas– and simply attempt not to be mesmerized.

Photography through Salmon Creek Farm

The Commons and Land

salmon creek farm offers an opportunity for artists and community membersȁ 9
Above: Salmon Creek Farm provides a chance for artists and neighborhood members– or, in the meantime, anybody who remains there–” area to take an action back and the opportunity to live near to the land and to take part in its cycles,” according to the company. The land is surrounded by redwood forest and “2 acres of natural herb, flower, and veggie gardens stressed by compost heap, Hugel mounds, and terraced fruit trees,” according to SCF’s website. “What we do not harvest or consume we let flower, dry up, set seed, and acclimate … producing gardens that end up being gradually wild through the season.”

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