Justice Clarence Thomas and the Plague of Unhealthy Reporting

ProPublica’s large scoop became out to be a quarter-teaspoon. In an error-filled file closing week, the opinionated information website online were given one level proper: Justice Clarence Thomas didn’t expose the 2014 sale of his one-third passion in 3 Savannah, Ga., houses to an organization managed by means of his pal Harlan Crow. He was once legally required to take action. On those pages, in an article printed on-line Sunday, I noticed that he will have to amend his financial-disclosure shape for that yr.

On Monday, “a supply with regards to Thomas” instructed CNN that the justice would accomplish that. “The supply stated . . . it was once an oversight to not file the actual property transaction. Thomas believed he didn’t need to expose as a result of he misplaced cash at the deal, in step with the supply.” It’s the justice’s percentage of the sale value ($1,000 or extra), now not a benefit, that triggers the statutory legal responsibility to file.

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