Is the Life-span of a Submarine Cable Television Actually 25 Years?

” The life expectancy of a submarine cable television is 25 years.” We’ve all heard that, right?

Is this declaration actually a reality– or is it fiction? Let’s discover.

The origin of this misconception is that submarine cable televisions are crafted to have a minimum life of 25 years.

This describes the damp plant elements that are developed to have actually a defined failure rate throughout a 25-year duration. It likewise describes lots of service warranties, allows, and landing licenses which typically end after 25 years.

What About the Economic Life-span?

The financial life of a cable television actually depends upon a system’s earnings, or financial worth, surpassing its expenses.

This point might be reached prior to or after a cable television reaches its prospective capability– it differs by cable television.

Some elements that affect a cable television’s financial life expectancy:

  • The capability of the cable television
  • How quick need is growing on the path
  • The number of cable televisions are contending on the path
  • The rate of rate disintegration
  • The fault history of the cable television
  • The cable television’s degree of repeating earnings

It is necessary to keep in mind that cable televisions might successfully reach their end of financial life however stay in service for factors associated with path variety, business technique, or nationwide security.

Current Cable Television Life Expectancy Trends

Let’s take a look at some real life expectancies of cable televisions in current times. I produced the chart listed below to reveal repeatered cable televisions that have actually been retired considering that 2010.

SubOptic Myth 2-1

As you can see, they cover from about 25 years in service to around 12 years. The typical life expectancy of the cable televisions revealed here: 17 years.

So we’re being available in well listed below the 25-year limit– a minimum of for cable televisions retired in the last 12 years.

Could This Be Altering?

The Conclusion

The information reveals that cable television life expectancies differ a lot throughout an extremely large range. So we can call this misconception busted

SubOptic Myth 2-2

Tim Stronge and I tackled this misconception and 5 others throughout our discussion at SubOptic 2023. Download our slides for the complete breakdown.

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