CBC “pauses” Twitter use after it will get the feared authorities tag

Following identical motion via NPR and PBS, CBC–the Canadian Broadcasting Corporate–has suspended use of Twitter after the website connected the “government-funded media” flag to its account there. Regardless that officially correct, such tags traditionally point out media whose editorial content material is at once managed via governments. Twitter boss Elon Musk had inaccurately connected the state association tag to NPR, then modified the wording of the tag and carried out it to different accounts after being knowledgeable of his mistake. Different firms receiving authorities investment, now not least Musk’s personal, aren’t likewise tagged.

“Twitter generally is a robust software for our reporters to keep in touch with Canadians, but it surely undermines the accuracy and professionalism of the paintings they do to permit our independence to be falsely described on this manner,” stated company spokesperson Leon Mar.

“In consequence, we will be able to be pausing our task on our company Twitter account and all CBC and Radio-Canada news-related accounts.”

Musk’s been beautiful open about his hostility to mainstream media. This entire factor began out with him doing one thing impulsive and silly, however the unfolding result–media being undermined and refusing to take part in Twitter–is a cast instance of “dangerous for trade, excellent for the vibes” manner that represent his intentions for Twitter and which can be completely in line with the very lengthy historical past of what billionaires do with the media entities they purchase.

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