Galaxy S23 design at a rock-bottom cost

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The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G is an excellent starter smart device with a rate you do not need to tension over. It repairs a few of its predecessor’s noteworthy defects while still being more budget friendly. Samsung’s flagship-inspired style and outstanding upgrade policy inconvenience to select a much better smart device for under $200.

Samsung’s economical Galaxy A series is as reputable as they come. It covers every cost variety, from the finest budget plan phones to simply listed below the flagship level, and you get specifications that more than validate the cost of entry. Nevertheless, a handful of the more current Galaxy A designs I have actually checked began to wander off from their budget friendly guarantee. As Samsung attempted to essential 5G assistance onto more affordable and more affordable tiers of its Galaxy A gadgets, the cost walkings gradually started to strike. Now, it’s attempting to offset those errors with a company go back to the sub-$ 200 section.

Has it settled? With the Galaxy A14 5G, definitely yes– this is among Samsung’s finest entry-level phones we have actually seen up until now. Learn why in our Samsung Galaxy A14 5G evaluation.

About this Samsung Galaxy A14 5G evaluation: I checked the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G over a duration of 7 days. It was running Android 13 with One UI 5.0 on the January 1, 2023 security spot. Android Authority acquired the system for this evaluation.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G evaluation: What you require to understand

samsung galaxy a14 display in hand

Ryan Haines/ Android Authority

  • Samsung Galaxy A14 5G (4GB/64GB): $199/ ₤ 219/ EUR229

Samsung presented the Galaxy A14 5G at the start of January 2023 as part of CES. It prospers the Galaxy A13 5G, staying with a reputable formula instead of transforming the budget plan wheel. While you may not have the ability to inform the 2 apart initially, the Galaxy A14 5G executes a couple of small tweaks and a much-needed $50 cost cut to attract budget plan purchasers. In chosen areas, Samsung likewise uses a 4G-only variation of the Galaxy A14, which is somewhat more budget friendly.

Samsung seems in the procedure of unifying the style language of all of its Android phones, a relocation that settles perfectly for the Galaxy A14 5G. It looks like the Galaxy S23 series– a minimum of from behind– using somewhat rounded sides and a flat display screen and back panel. Obviously, the Galaxy A14 5G drops the flagship aluminum develop, rather using a plastic back to keep the expenses low. Samsung likewise does not note any particular defense for the glass; we have actually asked and will upgrade appropriately. That plastic frame houses a volume rocker and side-mounted finger print reader on the right, while a 3.5 mm earphone jack and a single speaker flank the bottom-mounted USB-C port. The Galaxy A14 5G is somewhat bigger than the Galaxy A13 5G, broadening from a 6.5-inch LCD panel to a 6.6-inch one, and while it sticks to a 90Hz revitalize rate, the display screen can now output at a much crisper Complete HD+ resolution.

The Galaxy A14 5G looks a lot like its predecessor, however all the little tweaks go a long method.

Under the plastic exterior, you’ll discover the exact same MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset that Samsung utilized on the Galaxy A13 5G. It does not provide an efficiency increase, though the somewhat older hardware indicates that Samsung can provide its budget plan gadget at a much better cost. The Dimensity 700 is paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, the latter of which you can broaden utilizing the microSD slot on the left side of the gadget. Samsung likewise kept the exact same 5,000 mAh battery and 15W wired charging, and there’s still no battery charger in package. Have a look at our list of the finest battery chargers if you’ll require one.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G system I checked shown up with Android 13 and One UI right out of package, and it gains from Samsung’s generous upgrade policies. The Galaxy A14 5G must see 2 complete Android variations and 4 years of security spots prior to completion of its life.

As pointed out, there’s no battery charger consisted of in package with the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, though you still get a USB-C cable television, a SIM ejector tool, and a flying start guide to get you up and running.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G either opened or through a provider, with rates beginning at $199. This is a $50 cut over the Galaxy A13 5G, and you can normally discover the gadget for even less through a trade-in offer. In the United States, it is available in a single Black colorway.

What I like about the Galaxy A14 5G

samsung galaxy a14 ports

Ryan Haines/ Android Authority

It’s getting more difficult and more difficult to inform Samsung’s lots of phones apart. Whether they’re budget plan phones or flagships, initially look, there are more resemblances than distinctions. The Galaxy A14 5G’s cam style and somewhat rounded sides are raised straight from the Galaxy S23 series, and they make the phone feel much better in hand than its $200 cost would recommend. The Galaxy A14 5G’s plastic back is likewise completed with a series of plastic ridges, making it simpler to hold and simpler on the eyes.

Samsung updated the Galaxy A14 5G’s display screen, broadening it a tenth of an inch and bumping it to a Complete HD+ resolution. I discovered that it was somewhat sharper when streaming videos when compared to the Galaxy A13 5G, and the sharper screen sets perfectly with the 90Hz revitalize rate. You can lock the refresh rate to 60Hz to conserve some battery, however I didn’t feel the requirement to, offered the big 5,000 mAh cell and modest processing power. Rounding off the Galaxy A14 5G’s style, it’s great to see a couple of functions that flagship gadgets have actually deserted. This is among the couple of Samsung gadgets still bring a earphone jack, and the microSD slot assists to offset the modest 64GB of storage.

One UI is as great as ever on the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, offering Android 13 right out of package. It’s dressed up with personalization choices to match your app icons to your wallpaper, and you can erase nearly all of the bloatware, such as Netflix, Facebook, and numerous Microsoft apps. The Galaxy A14 5G likewise has an intense future of updates to eagerly anticipate, with 2 years of Android assistance and 4 years of routine security protection. That’s an excellent upgrade policy for such a low-cost phone.

Really couple of budget plan phones will get as much long-lasting assistance as the Galaxy A14 5G.

As normal, a 5,000 mAh battery and a modest 5G-capable processor are a match made in paradise. Yes, the Dimensity 700 is the exact same 7nm chipset from the previous Galaxy A13 5G, which released method back in 2020, however it has simply adequate power to skate through daily activities like scrolling social networks and filling up a couple of videos on YouTube. It made easy work of streaming from Spotify to my regional network of Google Nest Mini speakers, and I handled near 2 days of usage on a single charge.

I kept video gaming to a minimum on the Galaxy A14 5G as it’s not geared up to manage more requiring video games, however light-weight titles must run without problem. You may not wish to run the risk of Genshin Influence on its least expensive setting, however easy action titles and puzzle video games like 2 Dots or Wordle– if you resemble my daddy and still play it– will run simply great.

Lastly, we can’t let the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G go without discussing its cost cut. We were sorely dissatisfied in 2015 when the Galaxy A13 5G leapt to $249 in the name of its 5G processor, so it’s a relief to see a go back to a sub-$ 200 cost for the very first time given that the Galaxy A12

What I do not like about the Galaxy A14 5G

samsung galaxy a14 notch

Ryan Haines/ Android Authority

Sadly, there’s just a lot you can pack into a $199 Android gadget. While the total Galaxy A14 5G style is flagship motivated, its fit and surface leave something to be wanted. The 6.6-inch display screen is made taller with significant leading and bottom bezels, and the side bezels are nearly as big. Samsung’s budget plan choice likewise has some difficulty with brightness, a minimum of in direct sunshine. I routinely needed to protect the display screen from the sun to examine images while checking the cam.

The Galaxy A14’s plastic building and construction is suitable for the cost– we would not anticipate an aluminum frame or top-end variations of Gorilla Glass on the display screen, however it currently reveals some sturdiness issues. Our system has actually gotten a couple of great scratches after simply a couple of months, and I didn’t precisely put it through the wringer. I definitely recommend you get an excellent case There’s likewise no sturdiness score for water or dust, a function that’s started dripping down to other budget plan choices like the Moto G Play (2023 ) with its IP52 accreditation.

The Galaxy A14 5G may have flagship design, however it’s pull down by modest products.

Likewise, as much as we applaud a big battery when coupled with a power-sipping processor, we’re going to be simply as singing about underwhelming charging. The Galaxy A14 5G still powers up at simply 15W and you’ll get around 20% of the charge in half an hour, with complete juice taking more than 2 hours. While not the slowest charging phone in its cost variety, a few of its competitors do provide more power.

Samsung’s option of side-mounted finger print readers has actually left me disappointed too. It’s simple enough to discover along the side rail, however it does not press in really far, which leaves me believing that I missed it generally. I have actually likewise had concerns with precision, ending up locked out for 30-second cooldown durations numerous times daily. There are a lot of other methods to open the gadget, however Samsung is no complete stranger to side-mounted readers that carry out far much better, so I wasn’t anticipating this level of difficulty.

samsung galaxy a14 home screen

Ryan Haines/ Android Authority

I can comprehend Samsung sticking to the Dimensity 700 processor for another year, specifically if the relocation was to minimize expenses. That stated, I observed a reasonable quantity of stuttering when pressing the Galaxy A14 5G too hard. Changing in between cam lenses takes more than a 2nd, and there was a comparable quantity of lag when I attempted to open image sneak peeks. The 90Hz revitalize rate screen is fluid enough to stay up to date with rapidly scrolling through menus, though it generally surpasses YouTube and Spotify when filling long playlists.

Lastly, although it’s great to see an earphone jack on the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, the speaker setup is underwhelming. It avoids stereo noise, using simply one down-firing system throughout from the earphone jack. I played through part of the brand-new Boygenius record and could not shake the truth that the sound felt out of balance or that pitches both low and high lost a few of their clearness at leading volume.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G evaluation: Electronic camera test

samsung galaxy a14 cameras close 2

Ryan Haines/ Android Authority

The Galaxy A14 5G’s triple cam setup is copied and pasted from the Galaxy S23– a minimum of visually. Each lens resides in its own circular real estate, ringed by a shiny ridge and accompanied by a single flash. Nevertheless, the aesthetic appeals have to do with all the 2 cam phones share. The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G loads a 50MP main sensing unit, however it swaps the flagship’s ultrawide and telephoto shooters for 2MP macro and depth backups. As it ends up, the Galaxy A14 5G has one genuinely helpful sensing unit and 2 pals that are along for the flight.

Unsurprisingly, I put that 50MP sensing unit through the bulk of the screening, taking advantage of a beautiful spring day on the east coast. It bins to 12.5 MP shots by default, and I was happily shocked with the outcomes, for the many part. I was all set to pan the setup initially, with a lot of images looking quite choppy in the viewfinder prior to I pushed the shutter button, however the Galaxy A14 5G’s post-processing does an excellent task. Some images provide precise color entertainment, like the Easter eggs in the tree, while others go with Samsung’s common somewhat oversaturated appearance, specifically on reds and greens. The picture mode picture of the clock tower is a best example, with darker shades for the clock itself and the brick structure. Samsung likewise darkened heaven of the sky, which was closer to that of the image on the left in reality.

While the Galaxy A14 5G’s main sensing unit deals with topics and closer things perfectly, I have actually observed that information get a bit soft in the background. The trees and leaves in the image to the bottom left tend to run together, and the exact same opts for the image of the yellow flag. The Galaxy A14 5G isn’t spot-on in picture recognition with complicated topics, either. The eggs in the tree are rather struck or miss out on, and it leaves a couple of crystal-clear areas of the background in between the slim branches. Obviously, all of this is forgivable for a sub-$ 200 gadget, and the primary shooter assists the Galaxy A14 5G quickly take on the finest budget plan cam phones

Without any ultrawide cam and no telephoto lens, the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G is quite restricted in its zoom abilities. You can bump from the basic 1x view approximately 10x zoom, with fast cam toggles for 2x and 4x zoom. I do not have any problems about the very first 2 images listed below, though there’s an obvious color shift in the sky as soon as you struck 4x zoom. It still reveals good information and clearness, however both fail considerably at 10x zoom. The Galaxy A14 5G likewise avoids stabilization, that makes it even harder to get a clear shot past 4x zoom.

Completing the economical setup, we have the Galaxy A14 5G’s 2MP macro shooter. Devoted macro lenses stay among my least preferred choices for a smart device, as they’re very restricted in regards to total functionality. It is difficult to get dependably clear shots, and the low resolution indicates that some topics still end up soft, like the pink flower to the right.

Samsung didn’t provide the Galaxy A14 5G much low-light love, either. Toggling the devoted night mode includes a six-second wait when you take a breeze; I never ever handled to make it much shorter. It’s nearly difficult to wait completely still for that long, and you wind up with images that do not look far better than snapping with night mode shut off. The Galaxy A14 5G can some remarkable low-light shots, like that of the tower to the left. Nevertheless, some information get soft as you focus on the stones. The image of the balloons in the window reveals great clearness and color, while the American flag bench is soft all around.

Lastly, we have the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G’s selfie cam It loads a 13MP sensing unit housed in a little notch at the top of the display screen. I do not have any problem with the information or color on the basic selfie, a minimum of when taking a look at myself. Nevertheless, the Galaxy A14 5G tends to follow its rear lenses, getting a bit soft when it pertains to the trees in the corners. When it comes to the picture shot, well, the wash-out promotes itself. I’m not completely sure how it wound up a lot lighter than the basic image, though the Galaxy A14 5G did select the edges of my hair perfectly. It missed out on a couple of areas in between hairs, however the other choice would have been to crop half of my hair.

If you have any intent of taking major videos with your smart device, you can most likely avoid the Galaxy A14 5G. It’s topped at 1080p resolution with 30fps on the main lens and selfie shooter. I took a couple of samples while walking my home town, however the absence of stabilization left me with some unsteady shots. This quality remains in line with lots of budget plan phones, consisting of the previous Samsung Galaxy A13 5G and the OnePlus Nord N300, however it still leaves something to be wanted.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G specifications

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G


6.6-inch LCD
2,048 x 1,080 resolution (Complete HD+)
90Hz revitalize rate
~ 400ppi


MediaTek Dimensity 700




MicroSD slot


5,000 mAh battery
15W wired charging
No cordless charging


– 50MP large, f/1.8, PDAF
– 2MP macro, f/2.4
– 2MP depth, f/2.4

– 13MP large, f/2.0


Single speaker
3.5 mm earphone jack


1080p video at 30fps


Glass front
Plastic frame and back


Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth 5.2


Side-mounted finger print reader

Ports and switches

USB 2.0 through USB-C

Software Application

One UI 5 based upon Android 13

Measurements and weight

167.7 x 78 x 9.1 mm
202 grams


Black, Dark Red, Light Green, Silver

In package

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
USB-C cable television
SIM ejector tool
Quick begin guide

Should you purchase the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G?

samsung galaxy a14 lock screen

Ryan Haines/ Android Authority

I can quickly suggest the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G if you’re trying to find your very first smart device. It rights among our most significant problems with the Galaxy A13 5G– the inflated cost– and preserves an otherwise strong specification sheet. Samsung’s Complete HD+, 90Hz display screen fasts enough and crisp adequate to maintain, and the Galaxy A14 5G hangs onto animal conveniences like the earphone jack and expandable storage. Consider among the very best upgrade dedications for the cash, and it is difficult to select a much better smart device for under $200.

Obviously, the Galaxy A14 5G has its defects, a number of which can be connected back to the modest cost. The remarkably picky side-mounted finger print reader is an aching area, as are the large bezels surrounding the display screen, weak speakers, and sluggish charging, however none of these suffice to exceed the Galaxy A14 5G’s worth. You may likewise wish to look somewhere else if you require a flexible cam setup, however the 50MP main sensing unit that many individuals will utilize the most is plenty capable for pictures and daily snaps.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G is an excellent starter smart device with a rate you do not need to tension over.

If you choose to reach beyond the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, the closest competitors might well be Motorola’s Moto G Power 5G (2023) ($ 299 at Amazon). It’s the very first Moto G Power gadget to provide 5G speeds, and it bumps to 6GB of RAM with a more effective Dimensity 930 processor under the hood. Motorola’s battery-centric phone is $100 more pricey, however it likewise includes an IP52 score and 120Hz show to the mix. I’ll be checking it soon and will upgrade our suggestion here when we have a complete evaluation. Regardless, the Galaxy A14 5G is a much better buy than the Moto G Play (2023 ) ($ 169.99 at Amazon), that makes method a lot of sacrifices for just a small conserving.

OnePlus likewise uses the Nord N300 ($ 228 at T-Mobile). It’s special to T-Mobile, which may restrict prospective purchasers, however it bumps to 33W wired charging and matches the Galaxy A14 5G with a strong main cam, even if the colors can be a bit wonky sometimes. I ‘d still prefer the Galaxy A14 5G, nevertheless, as the greater resolution display screen and more powerful upgrade policy include real worth.

Ought to you choose to increase your budget plan a bit additional, Samsung’s Galaxy A54 5G ($ 449.99 at Amazon) is definitely worth an appearance. It drops the budget plan design’s depth sensing unit in favor of an ultrawide lens, gets Gorilla Glass 5 panels on both front and back, and bumps the wired charging speed to 25W. Sure, it will set you back more than two times the expense, however the Galaxy A54 5G figures to be among the most luring mid-range phones of early 2023, a minimum of up until the Google Pixel 7a rolls around. There’s likewise the Galaxy A23 5G ($ 299.99 at Amazon), however it struggles with a number of the exact same concerns as the Galaxy A14 5G, however without the super-cheap cost.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5GSamsung Galaxy A14 5G

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G

Sharper display screen • Great battery life • Really budget friendly

A well-dressed budget plan Android phone.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G is an excellent starter smart device with a rate you do not need to tension over.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G evaluation: Q&A

Samsung revealed the Galaxy A14 5G on January 5, 2023, as part of CES 2023.

Samsung uses the Galaxy A14 both with and without 5G, though you’ll pay somewhat more for the 5G variation.

Samsung’s Galaxy A14 5G has a 6.6-inch display screen, and the phone weighs 202g.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G loads 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G has a 5,000 mAh battery with 15W charging.

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