Breaking Barriers & Structure Development

Ladies comprise half of the world’s population yet stay underrepresented in management positions. At HubSpot, we’re delighted and pleased with our development towards attaining gender parity, with 50% female representation at the Business Executive Management Group level in 2022 and 40% within our Board of Directors. Nevertheless, we understand there’s more work to do and are actively pursuing enhancing this balance throughout our whole company.

To commemorate a few of the amazing ladies in management we have at HubSpot; we asked a handful of our female-identifying HubSpotters about a time in their life that represented considerable expert and individual development. Continue reading to hear what they needed to state …

Saharu Doi, Supervisor, Marketing, JAPAC


Sienna Lytle, Senior Supervisor, DI&B, NAM


Neetu Parab, Director, Item Pillar Recruiting, NAM


Richa Khandelwal, Director, Engineering, NAM


Discover More about HubSpot’s development and dedication to Variety, Addition, & & Belonging in our 2023 report here And as constantly, follow us on Instagram for a peek into #HubSpotLife.

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