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LTI visited my college and performed the working with procedure in 4 Rounds.

Round 1( Ability):

Quant, Verbal, and Technical concerns were asked in the Ability round.

Round 2:

It was a coding round in which 2 concerns were asked. Both concerns were simple to medium problem level and I had the ability to resolve both.

Coding concerns were extremely easy and based upon ranges and stacks. The one who resolved both coding concerns was chosen for interviews.

Round 3( Technical Interview):

The interview was set up early in the early morning and Recruiter was excellent. Initially, she asked me to present myself and after that she began asking concerns.

The following are the concerns:

  • Concerns about tasks
  • Oops, principles– discuss the 5 pillars of OOPS in information.
  • She has actually asked me to resolve some pseudocode -> > based upon function overloading and bypassing.
  • Then she asked me to compose palindrome code.
  • What are class loader, and bootstrap loader?
  • Selections kind of initialization.
  • Fixed keyword in C++.
  • Some other fundamental technical concerns are based upon DBMS and OS.
  • What is your weak point, and strengths? Do u have any area restrictions?

Round 4( HR):

It was held after a couple of days of technical rounds and HR was truly cool. Initially, he asked me to present myself, and after that he asked me about my task and a couple of concerns to inspect my interaction like why I wish to sign up with LNT, what innovation I have an interest in, do I have any area restrictions, and so on

At last, he asked me if I have any concerns for him. After 2-3 weeks we got an outcome and I was chosen.

I hope this will assist you in a specific method (Tips: Great preparation of ability, understanding of DSA, technical understanding, and excellent interaction abilities).

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