Apple wins appeal in decade-long fight with infamous patent giant

Apple has actually been involved in a decade-long, a patent licensing business frequently referred to as a “patent giant.” In a brand-new choice today, Apple was handed a success by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, however the case is still not rather over.

To revitalize your memory, Apple and VirnetX have actually fought it out in several various patent violation trials over the last 13 years. In 2012, a judge in East Texas ruled that Apple had actually infringed upon several VirnetX patents associated to network innovation and set damages at $368 million. After several appeals and retrials, this case ultimately made its method all the method to the United States Supreme Court in 2020, where Apple’s last effort at an appeal was rejected. Apple then paid VirnetX $454 million to settle the case.

In 2016, an East Texas federal judge ruled that Apple should pay $302.4 million in damages for infringing upon VirnetX’s patents with services like FaceTime and iMessage. Those damages were then increased to $440 million due to interest, improved damages, and other expenses. Apple tried to appeal the result of this case, however its demand was rejected by the United States Court of Appeals in 2019.

That brings us to where we are today, as Apple and VirnetX take on in a different case concerning to patents associated with FaceTime, VPN, and iMessage services. In 2018, a jury in East Texas granted VirnetX $502 million in damages, ruling that Apple had actually infringed upon several patents associated with VPN innovation. Apple right away appealed that judgment, with the Federal Circuit.

The patents in this case, nevertheless, were revoked by U.S. Patent and Hallmark Workplace in 2015. As reported by Reuters today, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit promoted the choice from the United States PTO revoking the patents in concern. The patents were considered void “due to earlier publications that explained the very same creations.”

With the Federal Circuit’s choice today, VirnetX and Apple now wait for a decision in Apple’s appeal of the preliminary decision out of East Texas. The expectation, nevertheless, is that the invalidation of the patents will negate that preliminary $502 million decision, thus handing Apple a success over VirnetX.

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