ADU 01159: What Do You Consider The Market Pattern Where Drone Makers are Charging Additional for Add-On Solutions and Add-on?

Today’s program has to do with the present drone market pattern that has actually ended up being actually popular recently.

Our caller for today, Tom has actually created a terrific concern that has actually not been asked on Ask Drone U prior to. Tom’s concern has to do with the present drone market pattern where makers are charging additional for add-on services and devices. While this pattern is now capturing on in the drone market, subscription-based services are currently popular in markets like autos and OTT. In today’s program, we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this lease/subscription-based design.

While this design might conserve you cash if you intend on utilizing a drone/software for a brief time period, are drone makers overdoing it with this? Are you fine with paying additional for software application, third-party apps, and devices? Let us understand your ideas!

Thanks for the terrific concern, Tom.

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  • [00:30] Would you be fine with drone apps charging a membership charge for additional services?
  • [04:00] What if DJI begins charging for third-party apps?
  • [04:11] This program is given you by our brand-new PROPS Flight School
  • [06:14] Today’s concern has to do with subscription-based drone services?
  • [07:25] Leasing the high-end drones to combat COVID-19
  • [09:48] What if an American maker begins charging for additional services AFTER you purchase the drone?
  • [12:08] Advantages and disadvantages of a subscription-based drone design
  • [15:38] Are you irritated with drone makers like Skydio who charge additional for devices?
  • [17:45] Got an entrepreneurial concern? Get it responded to on Ask Drone U

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