DoT Block Lost or Stolen Mobile Service Now Live for All Users in India

DoT CEIR Service Now Live for All Subscribers in India

The Department of Telecom (DoT) released the Central Devices Identity Computer Registry (CEIR) that links to the IMEI database of all mobile Operators in India with the goal to cut the fake cellphone market and prevent cellphone theft, safeguarding customer interest and assist in police authorities for legal interception. CEIR was very first released in Dadra & & Nagar Haveli, Goa and Maharashtra on September 13, 2019, followed by Delhi on December 30, 2019.

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Main Devices Identity Computer Registry (CEIR)

CEIR serves as a main system for all network Operators to share blacklisted mobile phones so that gadgets blacklisted in one network will not deal with other networks even if the Customer Identity Module (SIM) card in the gadget is altered. Any user can utilize the web website to obstruct the IMEI of their phone if it has actually been lost or taken to avoid abuse.

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How to Block a lost or taken Phone?

The user can obstruct the phone’s IMEI by submitting a demand with the CEIR web website. A copy of the Cops Grievance, Mobile purchase billing and gadget information and ID evidence are needed to sign up a demand to obstruct lost or taken mobile phone.

After the effective submission of obstructing, the lost/stolen gadget is obstructed within 24 hr, and it can not be utilized on any mobile network throughout India. A user can unclog the IMEI of their phone just if it has actually been discovered by the user by sending an uncloging demand on the website. Users can browse to to demand to obstruct lost or taken mobile phones.

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At first released in a couple of states, CEIR service is now readily available for cellphone users throughout India in all the states. Users can Block Stolen/Lost mobile, Unclog Found mobile, Examine Demand Status, IMEI Confirmation and inspect to Know Your Mobile (KYM) status utilizing the services. The services appeared to users throughout India on March 15, 2023.

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