A 33 foot workplace chair sits happily beyond Miller’s Workplace Supply in Anniston, Alabama

The world’s biggest workplace chair sits happily in Anniston, Alabama. This enjoyable roadside tourist attraction is 33 feet 1 inch high, 19 feet 7 inches broad, and weighs 2,000 pounds. You can see simply how huge the chair is by comparing it to the vehicles and motorcycle in the image. How did this whopper of a chair happened, you may ask?

Roadside America discusses:

” In 1981, Miller’s Workplace Supply in Anniston, Alabama, wished to call attention to itself. Owner Leonard “Sonny” Miller had an inspired concept: he would develop the world’s biggest chair in the uninhabited lot beside his structure. Because he offered workplace furnishings, he utilized a workplace chair as the design, merely transforming inches into feet.”

In 1982, Guinness World Records offered the chair authorities acknowledgment as the world’s biggest workplace chair. Ever since, Miller’s Workplace supply moved away to a brand-new place and after that back once again, and lots of extreme weather condition has actually struck the location (even blowing the roofing off Miller’s while the chair remained strong). I believe it’s safe to state that this enormous chair is likewise the world’s most resistant chair.

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