Want Almost $1,000 in Yearly Earnings? Investing $15,000 Into These High-Yield Dividend Stocks Might Provide That and More in the Future

Buying dividend-paying stocks is a simple method to begin making some additional earnings. And if you select business with appealing yields, the earnings can truly accumulate as you grow your portfolio.

For instance, investing $15,000 equally throughout these 5 top quality, high-yielding dividend stocks would, at their existing payment rates, produce practically $1,000 of yearly dividend earnings.

Dividend Stock

Financial Investment

Present Yield

Yearly Dividend Earnings


$ 3,000


$ 271.20

Clearway Energy

$ 3,000


$ 203.70

Real Estate Earnings

$ 3,000


$ 171.90


$ 3,000


$ 140.40


$ 3,000


$ 193.50


$ 15,000


$ 980.70

Information source: Google Financing and author’s estimations.

That’s a lot more dividend earnings than the $210 you ‘d have if you invested the exact same quantity in an S&P 500 index fund, with its existing yield of 1.4%.

Here’s why these dividend stocks stand apart as fantastic ones for those looking for to produce a growing stream of passive earnings.

Real Estate Earnings

Real Estate Earnings ( O -0.75%) is a varied property financial investment trust ( REIT). It owns top quality retail, commercial, video gaming, and other residential or commercial properties that are rented to occupants under triple web ( NNN) leases. Those contracts provide it with foreseeable rental earnings due to the fact that the occupants cover the variable expenditures connected with the residential or commercial properties they inhabit (property tax, constructing insurance coverage, and upkeep). It pays about three-quarters of that steady earnings in dividends.

The REIT maintains the rest of its capital to assist money the acquisition of extra income-producing residential or commercial properties. Real estate Earnings thinks it has the funds to grow its capital by 4% to 5% each year. That must allow it to continue increasing its dividend. It has actually done that 123 times given that its public market listing in 1994, growing its payment at a 4.3% substance yearly rate.


MPLX ( MPLX -0.18%) is a master minimal collaboration concentrated on the energy midstream sector. It runs pipelines, processing plants, and storage terminals that produce steady earnings backed by long-lasting agreements and government-regulated rate structures.

In 2015, MPLX produced almost $5.4 billion in money, more than 7% above 2022’s level. That provided it the cash to cover its beast money circulation by a comfortable 1.6 times, despite the fact that it increased its payment by 10% for the 2nd straight year. It utilized the money it kept to buy growth jobs and keep its fortress-like balance sheet. The business has actually a number of jobs slated to come online over the next 2 years. On the other hand, it just recently made a little acquisition. These growth-related financial investments will increase its capital, providing MPLX more fuel to increase its currently substantial payments.

Clearway Energy

Clearway Energy ( CWEN 0.13%) ( CWEN.A 0.42%) is a tidy energy-focused facilities business. It runs ecologically sound gas power plants and renewable resource jobs. It offers the electrical power these possessions produce to energies and big business purchasers under long-lasting power purchase contracts that provide it with the foreseeable money streams it utilizes to pay its generous dividend.

The business has actually set a target of increasing its currently substantial payments by 5% to 8% each year, and management anticipates its walkings will be available in towards the upper end of that variety through 2026. Powering that development are its financial investments in broadening its renewable resource portfolio. Clearway offered its thermal possessions a number of years earlier and is recycling the earnings from that deal into higher-returning renewable resource financial investments. It has actually currently signed offers to invest the earnings into brand-new jobs that must close over the next couple of years as they enter into business service. Those brand-new financial investments offer it great deals of presence into its future incomes and dividend development.

Mid-America Apartment Or Condo Neighborhoods (MAA)

MAA ( MAA 0.03%) is a REIT that mainly owns home neighborhoods in the fast-growing Sunbelt area. That geographical concentration allows MAA to gain from strong need, which keeps tenancy levels high while driving healthy rental development rates. Its long lasting and growing rental earnings supports the REIT’s appealing dividend.

After paying dividends and guaranteeing it’s keeping a strong balance sheet, the home property manager invests its remaining money in improving its portfolio. It consistently redevelops older residential or commercial properties by remodeling systems to record greater rental rates. It will likewise buy brand-new advancements and get extra residential or commercial properties. For instance, MAA in October invested $102 million to purchase a just recently finished home neighborhood in Phoenix. On the other hand, it’s investing almost $650 million to establish 5 brand-new neighborhoods it anticipates to finish over the next 2 years. These financial investments assist grow its capital, making it possible for the REIT to progressively increase its dividend. It provided financiers a 5% raise at the end of in 2015.


Verizon ( VZ -0.48%) runs a leading telecom network. It produces considerable capital as companies and customers pay their cordless and high speed broadband expenses. That offers it the cash to buy improving its network, paying dividends, and reinforcing its balance sheet.

The telecom giant has actually increased its dividend yearly for 17 straight years, the longest existing streak in the U.S. telecom sector. Verizon remains in an outstanding position to continue increasing its payments. Its financial investments in 5G must add to growing capital with time. On the other hand, it anticipates its capital costs to decrease in 2024 after it finished a significant capital investment early in 2015. That growing totally free capital will make it possible for Verizon to pay for its financial obligation quicker, waiting cash on interest expenditures. It must likewise enable the telecom to continue increasing its big-time dividend.

Superior earnings stocks

Real Estate Earnings, MPLX, Clearway Energy, MAA, and Verizon are all fantastic dividend stocks for those looking for to produce earnings. They provide much higher-yielding payments than the majority of other stocks. On the other hand, they must continue to increase those dividends in the future. Due to the fact that of that, they will make it possible for financiers to make more cash now and provide them with growing earnings streams with time.

Matthew DiLallo has positions in Clearway Energy, Mid-America Apartment Or Condo Communities, Real Estate Earnings, and Verizon Communications. The Motley Fool has positions in and advises Mid-America Apartment or condo Communities and Real Estate Earnings. The Motley Fool advises Verizon Communications. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy

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