Trending on Remodelista: Convenience and Pleasure

Some scenes from Remodelista today that made us feel warm and fuzzy.

Hironobu Kagae family house in Kagoshima, Japan. Above: A Japanese household transfers to the countryside and starts a slower life in a cottage filled with handcrafted pieces. Photo by Hironobu Kagae, from ” Invest Every Day with Assurance”: A Labor-of-Love Household Home in the Japanese Countryside
Squeaky Crinkly Radish Cat Toy from Lambwolf Collective Above: See an engaging roundup of “small-batch, eco-minded, and much better looking” animal toys and devices, including this Squeaky and Crinkly Radish feline toy from Lambwolf Collectiv, in Remodelista Present Guide 2023: 10 Concepts For Excellent Family Pets (And Their People)
Tamsin Saunders Ashford Chace Photograph Above: Discover all the aspects that comprise this relaxing cooking area in Steal This Appearance: A Warm, Conventional English Cooking Area in Hampshire Photo by Christopher Horwood..


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