Past Lithium Exploration Allow Programs for Victory and Ear Falls Submitted with Ontario’s Ministry of Mines

  • Result of channel samples delineated steady grades greater than 1.0% Li2O zones enveloped via wider durations.
  • Discovery of extra spodumene-bearing pegmatites extends authentic spodumene bearing pegmatite zone (the “Wenasaga North Zone“) via 50% (from 1.0 km to one.5 km).
  • Channel samples display the continuity of the lithium-bearing pegmatites machine.
  • The Wenasaga North Zone represents just one.0% of the full Ear Falls mission.

Drilling Abstract

  • Finished seven AQ sized diamond drill holes totalling 329.59m from 3 other drilling websites checking out as much as 150 m strike period and 50 m dip continuity of pegmatites.
  • 5 holes intersected spodumene mineralization, together with one dyke no longer uncovered on floor.
  • Fashion for stacked pegmatites machine intercepting more than one subparallel spodumene-bearing pegmatites at intensity showed.
  • Gadget stays open to all instructions.
  • Over 240 drilling samples effects anticipated within the first part of January.

Enlargement of 13 km Exploration Hall Abstract

  • Discovery of a 100-meter-wide ridge with a lot of pegmatite outcrops with grasp samples assaying over 0.1% Li2O and as much as 0.4% Li2O at the northwest aspect of the Wenasaga Zone confirms the potential for the 13 km exploration hall.
  • Over 75% of grasp samples assayed alongside the exploration hall confirmed increased background lithium averaging 1,279 ppm Li confirming this in depth strike period.

Past Lithium Inc. (CSE: BY) (OTCQB: BYDMF) (the “Corporate” or “Past Lithium“) is happy to announce the result of a complete exploration program at its Ear Falls spodumene mission which ascertain the potential for this fresh discovery. The paintings not too long ago finished at Ear Falls consisted of:

  • A stripping program designed to show the extension of the spodumene pegmatites in all-directions and to doubtlessly discover extra subparallel dykes;
  • A drilling program centered to additional perceive and delineate the traits and the densities of those subparallel spodumene pegmatite dykes; and
  • An exploration and sampling program alongside the known 13 km lithium exploration hall.

Allan Body, President and CEO of Past Lithium, commented, “Past Lithium introduced the invention of the spodumene-bearing pegmatites zone at Ear Falls Venture in September (see press free up dated September 17, 2023). Clutch samples from the realm the place the preliminary discovery was once made (named the Wenasaga North Zone) assayed as much as 4.54 in line with cent lithium oxide (“Li2O”). Given the promising effects introduced on the time, our group went again to the valuables and made vital further discoveries. We’re thrilled that, in not up to 3 months of box paintings, we’ve finished a prospecting program, a stripping and channel sampling program, and a drilling program and we’ve widely sampled new spaces.”

He added: “Our box team persevered exploration was once in accordance with the geological knowledge we gathered from the early box paintings. They have been in a position to increase the Wenasaga North Zone via over 50% from 1.0 km to one.5 km via finding further spodumene-bearing pegmatites. But, the footprint of the Wenasaga North Zone accounts for just one.0% of the full Ear Falls Venture dimension of 20,623 hectares.”

“Similtaneously, the sector group explored in opposition to the southwest alongside the 13 km exploration hall and found out a 100-meter-wide ridge with a lot of pegmatite outcrops with grasp samples assaying over 0.1% Li2O and as much as 0.4% Li2O. This wider and denser pegmatites box, at the side of their related Okay/Rb ratio (Determine 8) ascertain the in depth 13 km strike period of the lithium mineralization the entire technique to the southwest of the valuables, a space named the Sandy Creek West Zone.”

Mr. Body concluded: “We think to obtain the entire drilling assays from the lab within the first part of January at which level we will be able to overview the entire knowledge gathered in 2023 and finalize a complete drilling program to start as soon as allows are gained.”

Stripping and Channel Sampling Program

The channel sampling program consisted of a complete of 64 channel samples from 15 channel places starting from 0.67m to ten.77m. The channel samples have been gathered from 3 other zones, EF-1, EF-2 and EF-3, alongside the Wenasaga North Zone (Determine 1). The stripping and channel sampling program was once designed to additional perceive the grade distribution and continuity within the pegmatites and the host rocks for designing the follow-up exploration program to discover for extra and subparallel spodumene-bearing pegmatites.

Lawrence Tsang, Past’s VP of Exploration mentioned: “We’re satisfied that the prospecting, the stripping and channel sampling, and the drilling program finished at Ear Falls have been a success at attaining the techniques’ function which was once to collect geological knowledge to grasp the traits of the Ear Falls machine for making plans the following exploration program, together with drilling.”

“In brief, we now perceive the Ear Falls Venture is a stacked and zoned pegmatites machine which contains the potential for finding further subparallel dykes via drilling deeper holes and doing extra stripping alongside the other pegmatites. The vectoring of the dykes’ width and grade continuity we’ve established at Ear Falls from the prospecting program additionally signifies a good chance to probe for wider spodumene-bearing pegmatites in opposition to the Sandy Creek West Zone. Within the interim, we stay on course to publish the exploration allow software for the Ear Falls Venture for over 30 drill websites ahead of the tip of the week.”

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Determine 1 Zones EF1 to EF3 alongside the Expanded 1.5 KM Spodumene Zone – Wenasaga North Zone

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Desk 1 Zone EF1 Channel Samples Highlights

Kind ID Width (m) Li2O % Cs ppm
Native person EF-C-01 1.00 1.88 77
Native person EF-C-02 1.20 1.05 204
Steady EF-C-03 9.52 0.54 186
incl. 2.47 0.83 168
incl. 6.77 0.45 199
or 2.45 0.85 157
Steady EF-C-05 2.09 0.58 281
incl. 1.04 1.06 436
Native person EF-C-09 0.70 1.58 59


Desk 2 Zones EF2 and EF 3 Channel Samples Highlights

Kind Zone ID Width (m) Li2O % Cs ppm
Steady EF2 EF-C-14 2.00 1.25 56
Native person EF3 EF-C-15d 0.20 1.03 63


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Determine 2 2023 Channel Places and Highlights in Relation to the 2023 Drill Holes Places and Strains – Wenasaga North Zone

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The channel samples gathered alongside the preliminary one-kilometer spodumene-bearing pegmatite development referred to as the Wenasaga North Zone have been divided into 3 zones: EF-1, EF-2 and EF-3 (Determine 1). Zone EF-1 basically examined the preliminary 150m strike period of the spodumene-bearing pegmatites zone. Channel sampling at zones EF-2 and EF-3 have been step-outs samples checking out the level of the one-kilometer lengthy spodumene zone.

Because the spodumene discovery introduced in September, Past Lithium box team persevered to discover for extra spodumene-bearing pegmatites following the strike orientation of the Ear Falls spodumene-bearing pegmatite machine. They have been in a position to find further spodumene-bearing pegmatites in opposition to the northeastern extension grading as much as 1.00% Li2O and 107ppm Cs in grasp pattern mineralized with spodumene, muscovite, and fluorapatite. With the popularity of extra spodumene-bearing pegmatites in opposition to the northeast path, the Wenasaga North Zone at Ear Falls has now been prolonged via over 50%, from 1.0 km to one.5 km (Determine 1) on the northeast area of the 13 km exploration hall.

Zone EF-1

A pegmatite within the northern a part of the EF-1 zone was once robotically stripped via a backhoe for a extra steady channel sampling around the spodumene-bearing pegmatite, EF-C-03 (Desk 1). This channel graded 0.54% Li2O and 186ppm Cs over 9.52m together with 0.83% Li2O and 168ppm Cs over 2.47m and zero.85% Li2O and 157ppm Cs over 2.45m (Determine 3). The spodumene-bearing pegmatite is shaped alongside the touch between the granite and the metasediments with native sliver of older micaceous granite. In most cases, the pegmatites strike at 030 to 070 levels azimuth and dip relatively at 60 to 70 levels in opposition to the northwest. In keeping with box commentary, the spodumene-bearing pegmatites at Ear Falls are strongly managed via the orientation of the granite and the metasediments touch.

Lawrence added: “From the place we have been in a position to chop a extra entire line around the robotically stripped pegmatite in zone EF-1, the channel samples defined a few steady higher-grade (more than 1% Li2O) zones enveloped via wider durations of pegmatite (Figures 2 & 4). Pegmatite dykes in nature pinch and swell from one space to some other. It’s vital to have excellent continuity in grade inside a pegmatite zone to raised correlate between pegmatites and doubtlessly define higher zones for long run estimation. Moreover, the stripping and channel sampling program successfully showed the strike projection of spodumene-bearing pegmatites uncovered at floor alongside the Wenasaga North Zone. Mechanized stripping is a cheap exploration software, that we will be able to proceed to enforce in our exploration techniques to strip in numerous zones, and to delineate and prioritize goals for drilling.”

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Determine 3 Zone EF1 Channel Samples of Zoned Pegmatite with high-grade core of more than 1.00% Li2O – Wenasaga North Zone

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Determine 4 More than 1.00% Li2O Steady Upper-Grade Zone Enveloped via Wider Period in Pegmatite – Wenasaga North Zone

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Zone EF-2 & EF-3

The channel sampling at Zones EF-2 and EF-3 have been designed to check the step out zones from the EF-1 zone (Determine 1). Each EF-2 and EF-3 zones have channel samples with grades over 1.0% Li2O in line with the consequences from the Section 1 grasp samples in the similar spaces. EF-2 channel pattern assayed 1.25% Li2O over 2.0m (Desk 2). The channel sampling on the zones at EF-2 and EF-3 was once hand stripped and lower via a rock noticed as an alternative of mechanized stripped because of time and climate constraints. When climate allows, Past Lithium will resume mechanized stripping and prospecting techniques at Ear Falls.

Drilling Program Abstract

In November 2023, Past Lithium finished seven AQ sized drill holes totaling 329.59 m from 3 drill websites. This program was once designed to drill check 150 meters strike period of the spodumene-bearing pegmatites zone and as much as 50m dip continuity beneath floor (Determine 2). The primary 5 holes, EF23-01 to 05, have been drilled in opposition to the southeast concentrated on beneath the outside uncovered spodumene-bearing pegmatites. All 5 holes intercepted spodumene-bearing pegmatites mineralization at intensity projected from the outside uncovered pegmatites (Determine 5). Hollow EF23-04 intercepted a brand new subparallel pegmatite (Peg Zone 5) at intensity which isn’t uncovered on floor. This means the potential of intercepting extra pegmatites at intensity from longer drill holes (Determine 6).

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Determine 5 EF23-04 Drill Core Percent of Spodumene-bearing Pegmatite Intercepted at 25.16m at intensity – Wenasaga North Zone

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Graeme Evans, Senior Consultant to Past Lithium, remarked: “In 2023 early-stage paintings has outlined a thirteen-kilometre development with excessive prospectivity alongside all the period. I used to be anticipating zonation to restrict the strike doable however obviously no longer right here! This units up an bold 2024 season to stipulate greater grades and widths on this massive logo new LCT machine. We stay citing those goals are at an early level however we’ve not even checked out 1.0% of the machine so do the mathematics!”

The primary 5 holes showed that the Ear Falls construction is a stacked pegmatites machine and feature effectively examined as much as 50m dip continuity. All pegmatites stay open in all instructions. The remaining two holes, EF23-06 to 07 have been exploratory and step-out holes making an attempt to increase the strike period of the machine at intensity. EF23-06 was once principally hosted in metasediment. EF23-07 was once drilled in the other way and relocated the pegmatites at intensity alongside strike appearing excellent continuity. Over 240 drilling samples are lately pending within the lab and are anticipated to be introduced within the first part of January.

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Determine 6 Pass Phase Pegmatite Zone Interpretation from Drilling at Ear Falls – Wenasaga North Zone

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Lawrence Tsang commented: “This preliminary drilling program at Ear Falls demonstrated the pegmatites have excellent strike and dip continuities. As well as, the machine stays open in all instructions. The drilling has proven the possible to discover extra subparallel pegmatites at intensity. In different phrases, extra pegmatites are doubtlessly lined via plants or overburden which is able to simplest be found out via stripping or drilling. The Wenasaga North Zone discovery equipped us with a kick off point for exploration drilling at Ear Falls. The mix of wider and denser pegmatites with lithium mineralization within the Sandy Creek West Zone and the geological knowledge gathered from the prospecting and the channel sampling techniques within the Wenasaga North Zone establishes a powerful vector in opposition to the Sandy Creek West Zone for additional stick to up exploration at Ear Falls.”

Extension of 13 km Exploration Hall

“Once we introduced the preliminary spodumene discovery at Ear Falls, we discussed the Sandy Creek beryl-bearing pegmatites that have been found out within the early Nineteen Sixties (situated seven kilometres southwest of the Wenasaga North Zone) and the truth that very restricted to no exploration paintings was once accomplished within the space for the reason that discovery of those pegmatites over 60 years in the past,” stated Lawrence Tsang.

Past Lithium known this space to be beneficial for LCT pegmatites as a result of the well-established Wenasaga Lake batholith as the possible supply of LCT pegmatites of the realm and the upper fractionated Sandy Creek beryl prevalence within the space. The Sandy Creek Beryl space then was a significant focal point of exploration for our technical group which resulted in the invention of a 100-meter-wide ridge with a lot of pegmatite outcrops with grasp samples assaying over 0.1% Li2O and as much as 0.4% Li2O, now referred to as the Sandy Creek West Zone.”

Thus far, a complete of 92 grasp samples were gathered at Ear Falls and 70 of them have been gathered alongside the primary 13 km lengthy exploration. Out of the 70 samples, over 75% of the grasp samples (55 out of 70) assayed over 50 ppm Li with a median of one,279 ppm Li or 170 ppm Li (with out outliers of >1,000 ppm Li) and the samples outdoor of the hall averaged 26.5 ppm Li (Determine 7).

This background lithium distinction from grasp samples between in and out of the 13 km exploration hall additional confirms the level and the orientation of this 13 km strike period. It suggests the rare-element lithium volatiles/fluid concentrated and fractionated inside this potential construction performing as a permeable and favorable conduit for lithium-indicator minerals like spodumene, cleavelandite, and petalite known within the finished drilling program to mineralize.

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Determine 7 13 KM Exploration Hall in Relation with the Sandy Creek West Zone and the Expanded Spodumene Zone

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In keeping with the initial findings from the sector, the pegmatites at Ear Falls development wider and denser in opposition to the southwest orientation. A grasp pattern from pegmatite of over 5 meters in width situated two kilometers southwest of the Wenasaga North Zone assayed as much as 0.24% Li2O. The Sandy Creek West Zone situated about seven kilometers southwest of the Wenasaga North Zone incorporated 3 grasp samples assaying over 0.10% Li2O and as much as 0.40% Li2O (Determine 7).

The Sandy Creek West Zone is situated on a ridge that was once exposed after a contemporary transparent lower within the space. As pegmatites are extra proof against erosion, this topographic excessive panorama was once briefly situated via our Senior Geologist, Paul Baxter, after Past Lithium expanded the Ear Falls Venture in September. The Sandy Creek West Zone traits east-west and covers a space of about 350 meters in period via 100 meters in width in a space with a lot of of pegmatites uncovered on floor starting from 2 to fifteen m in width.

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Determine 8 Log base 10 Okay/Cs Vs Okay/Rb Plot of Fractionation Depth of Ear Falls Samples

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Measuring the ratio diversifications between potassium (“Okay”), cesium (“Cs”), rubidium (“Rb”) in samples gathered from the similar area is a commonplace and helpful exploration software to show the fractionation development or the relative level of evolution of S-type, peraluminous granites and comparable pegmatite granites and the rare-element pegmatite teams that fractionated from the guardian granitic rocks. With expanding fractionation of the pegmatite-forming soften, the compositions of the potassium feldspar and mica develop into extra enriched in rubidium and cesium thus the fractionation development level to the decrease left nook within the plot as the upper fractionated space (Breaks 2004).

The fractionation depth plot of the entire samples gathered thus far at Ear Falls obviously outstanding into two teams: the samples throughout the 13 km exploration hall and the samples from outdoor the exploration hall. The samples throughout the 13 km exploration hall have been plotted greater in fractionation depth than the samples from outdoor the exploration hall (Determine 8). Moreover, each populations of samples gathered from the Wenasaga North and the Sandy Creek West Zones have been plotted in the similar space of fractionation depth within the plot which implies each zones are similarly fractionated. In different phrases, the potential for finding spodumene-bearing pegmatites on the Sandy Creek West Zone is similarly as excessive because the Wenasaga North Zone the place a number of spodumene-bearing pegmatites were found out.

Additionally, two grasp samples from the similar pegmatite on the Wenasaga North Zone assaying 0.30 and four.54% Li2O have been plotted because the best possible fractionated samples at the side of a couple of samples gathered shape the Sandy Creek Beryl and the Sandy Creek West Zones assaying round 0.13 to 0.40% Li2O (Determine 8). The pegmatites related to those few samples on the Sandy Creek Beryl and the Sandy Creek West Zones shall be prioritized within the subsequent exploration program as those pegmatites are extremely fractionated and feature the upper doable to discovering within sight spodumene mineralization.

Paul Baxter, Past Lithium‘s Senior Box Geologist highlighted the importance of this newly found out zone: “A stripping program shall be helpful to decide the real width of the pegmatites within the Sandy Creek West Zone to look if the ridge is basically one massive pegmatite (Determine 9).”

He added: “The pegmatites within the Sandy Creek West Zone are characterised with quartz, feldspar, muscovite, garnet, and native beryl, fluorapatite and tourmaline with commonplace quartz pods and massive sheets of muscovite. The sphere group gathered a complete of 9 samples from the Sandy Creek West Zone. The effects display nice lithium mineralization within the space with doable proximal spodumene mineralization. It’s most certainly only a topic of spending extra time within the box time and amassing extra samples on the Sandy Creek West Zone ahead of we find the following spodumene-bearing pegmatite at Ear Falls.”

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Determine 9 Pegmatite Recognized within the Sandy Creek West Zone Situated 7 KM SW of the Wenasaga North Zone with Clutch Pattern as much as 0.40% Li2O

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The Ear Falls Venture is constructed from over 20,000 hectares of space and the footprint of the 13 km lengthy exploration hall simplest accounts for 10% of the full floor space of the Ear Falls Venture. Past Lithium will proceed to discover for extra of spodumene-bearing pegmatites alongside the 13 km lengthy exploration hall and on the similar time will prospect for different subparallel buildings around the mission via incorporating the geological and geochemical background established from the 2023 program.

Victor Cantore, a Co-Founding father of Past Lithium concluded: “I could not be prouder of the growth made via all the Past Lithium group in 2023. The corporate is uniquely located with two vital spodumene discoveries proper via one of the crucial business’s most enticing infrastructure. The scale of the tasks and their doable may just lead Past to develop into one of the most key lithium avid gamers in Canada. I can proceed to make stronger our CEO Allan Body and his complete group by any means wanted. My stocks of Past are a key a part of my lithium inventory portfolio.”


Breaks, F.W., Selway, J.B. and Tindle, A.G. 2003. Fertile peraluminous granites and comparable rare-element mineralization in pegmatites, Awesome Province, northwest and northeast Ontario: Operation Treasure Hunt; Ontario Geological Survey, Open Report File 6099, 179p.

Breaks, F.W., Selway, J.B. and Tindle, A.G. 2004. A Overview of Uncommon-Component (Li-Cs-Ta) Pegmatite Exploration Ways for the Awesome Province, Canada, and Massive International Tantalum Deposits; Ontario Geological Survey, Exploration and Mining Geology, Vol. 14, Nos. 1-4, pp. 1-30.

Channel samples have been gathered via the use of a rock noticed to chop one to more than one of constant samples alongside an uncovered outcrop in accordance with lithology, texture, and mineralogy. One of the most channel samples have been steady sampling throughout uncovered outcrop categorized as “Steady” and a few of them have been localized channel samples that have been lined via thicker soil, moss, and plants categorized as “Native person” within the channel samples spotlight tables.

High quality Assurance/High quality Keep watch over

All gathered rock samples have been installed robust plastic luggage, tagged, and sealed at web page. Pattern luggage have been then installed rice luggage and saved securely ahead of being despatched via highway delivery or delivered via the team manager to SGS’s preparation facility in Crimson Lake or Sudbury, Ontario, for pattern preparation. Pulps are analyzed on the SGS facility in Burnaby, BC. All samples are analyzed with 4-Acid Digestion/Blended ICP-AES/MS package deal (49 components). Samples with lithium overlimit (>10,000 ppm Li) are analyzed with some other 4-Acid Digestion with greater detection prohibit of as much as 10% Li. Batches of samples with overlimit >10,000 ppm or 1% Li are analyzed with Sodium Peroxide Fusion for validation. The QA/QC protocol incorporated the insertion and tracking of suitable reference fabrics, on this case excessive focus and coffee focus qualified OREAS and CDN lithium requirements to validate the accuracy and precision of the assay effects.

Certified Individual and 3rd-Birthday celebration Information

The clinical and technical knowledge on this information free up has been reviewed and licensed via Lawrence Tsang, P.Geo., VP Exploration of the Corporate. Lawrence Tsang is a “certified particular person” as outlined in Nationwide Software 43-101 – Requirements of Disclosure for Mineral Tasks.

About Past Lithium Inc.

Past Lithium Inc. is the biggest greenfield lithium exploration participant in Ontario with 63 excessive doable greenfield lithium houses totalling over 195,000 hectares. The Corporate has followed the mission generator industry fashion to maximise finances to be had for exploration tasks, whilst minimizing shareholder dilution. Past Lithium is advancing sure of its tasks with its exploration group and can search to choice different houses to three way partnership companions. Partnering on quite a lot of tasks will supply a supply of non-dilutive running capital, partner-funded exploration, and long-term residual publicity to exploration good fortune.

Past Lithium lately has 33,874,482 commonplace stocks exceptional.

Please stick to @BeyondLithium on Twitter, Fb, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

For more info, please confer with the Corporate’s web page at

CAUTIONARY STATEMENT REGARDING FORWARD-LOOKING INFORMATION: This information free up comprises sure “forward-looking knowledge” throughout the which means of acceptable Canadian securities regulation. All statements, instead of statements of historic reality, incorporated herein together with, with out limitation, statements relating to long run capital expenditures, expected content material, graduation, and value of exploration techniques in appreciate of the Corporate’s tasks and mineral houses, expected exploration program effects from exploration actions, assets and/or reserves at the Corporate’s tasks and mineral houses, and the predicted industry plans and timing of long run actions of the Corporate, are forward-looking knowledge. Even if the Corporate believes that such statements are cheap, it may give no assurance that such expectancies will turn out to be right kind. Ceaselessly, however no longer at all times, forward-looking knowledge may also be known via phrases comparable to “professional forma”, “plans”, “expects”, “will”, “might”, “must”, “funds”, “scheduled”, “estimates”, “forecasts”, “intends”, “anticipates”, “believes”, “doable” or diversifications of such phrases together with unfavorable diversifications thereof, and words that confer with sure movements, occasions or effects that can, may just, would, may or will happen or be taken or completed. In declaring the forward-looking knowledge on this information free up, the Corporate has implemented a number of subject material assumptions, together with with out limitation, that marketplace basics will lead to sustained treasured and base metals call for and costs, the receipt of any important allows, licenses and regulatory approvals in reference to the longer term exploration of the Corporate’s houses, the provision of financing on appropriate phrases, and the Corporate’s skill to agree to environmental, well being and protection regulations.

Ahead-looking knowledge comes to identified and unknown dangers, uncertainties and different components which might motive the true effects, efficiency or achievements of the Corporate to fluctuate materially from any long run effects, efficiency or achievements expressed or implied via the statements of forward-looking knowledge. Such dangers and different components come with, amongst others, statements as to the predicted industry plans and timing of long run actions of the Corporate, the proposed expenditures for exploration paintings on its houses, the facility of the Corporate to procure enough financing to fund its industry actions and plans, delays in acquiring governmental and regulatory approvals (together with of the Canadian Securities Change), allows or financing, adjustments in regulations, laws and insurance policies affecting mining operations, dangers in relation to epidemics or pandemics comparable to COVID-19, the Corporate’s restricted running historical past, foreign money fluctuations, name disputes or claims, environmental problems and liabilities, in addition to the ones components mentioned underneath the heading “Chance Components” within the Corporate’s prospectus dated February 23, 2022 and different filings of the Corporate with the Canadian securities regulatory government, copies of which may also be discovered underneath the Corporate’s profile at the SEDAR web page at

Readers are cautioned to not position undue reliance on forward-looking knowledge. The Corporate undertakes no legal responsibility to replace any of the forward-looking knowledge on this information free up apart from as in a different way required via regulation.

For additional knowledge, please touch:

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President and CEO
Tel: 403-470-8450
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Tel: 587-225-2599
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