Turmoil Engineering with Uma Mukkara

Turmoil engineering is a discipline within the field of software application engineering that concentrates on screening and enhancing the strength and stability of a system by purposefully presenting regulated circumstances of mayhem and failure. The main objective of mayhem engineering is to recognize and attend to possible weak points and vulnerabilities in a system, eventually making it more robust and dependable.
Uma Mukkara is the Head of Turmoil Engineering at Harness and he joins us today.

Jordi Mon Companys is an item supervisor and online marketer that focuses on software application shipment, designer experience, cloud native and open source. He has actually established his profession at business like GitLab, Weaveworks, Harness and other platform and devtool service providers. His interests vary from software application supply chain security to open source development. You can connect to him on Twitter at @jordimonpmm

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