Where to Purchase and Offer Rare-earth Elements? Getting Ready For Post-Apocalyptic Deals

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Concern 1: 2:08
What are the long-lasting effects for pension funds due to the bond instability going on?

Concern 2: 3:45
What do you think of the First Republic Bank problems we are seeing?

Concern 3: 6:13
My understanding of what you are stating is that a self-directed individual retirement account that is gold based is not an appropriate technique. Is it then much better to take the tax hit on withdrawal of your retirement funds in order to acquire gold and silver that remains in your belongings?

Concern 4: 10:02
I have American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs 1 oz gold coins, will I have the ability to “invest” either of those to acquire home after SHTF?

Concern 5: 11:03
Do you believe the U.S. will nationalize miners?

Concern 6: 12:55
Where do you purchase gold and silver

Concern 7: 13:21
What do you think about the bank of global settlements and should we be issue?

Concern 8: 15:00
Do you advise to purchase silver or gold in pound store’s? or simply buy the coins online from a licensed business?

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