Aug 11th, Age: Lauren Riihimaki is a famous YouTube personality. She is originally from Canada. She was born in Toronto, Canada on 11th August , which makes her age 24 years as of now. She is originally from Canada but she is of Ukranian, Finnish and Japanese descent. Her siblings and parents are not known on the internet. She has not exposed her personal matters too much. But we hope that her parents are good and help to her profession, and she is happily living with family. She earns this amount of money from her hard-work and dedication to make videos on YouTube. Therefore, we hope that she will grow her net worth very soon.


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Dating Alex Wassabi I just managed to get a skin that looked almost like her.

But did you know that this up and coming star was once in a love relationship with an adorable girlfriend? And are they still together? Are Alex and Megan still together? Many of Alex’s fans know the fact that he was once in a relationship with his YouTuber girlfriend, Megan Deangelis. Alex and Megan in Girlfriend Tag. Published on Dec 7, On the same day, Megan also posted a similar video with a Boyfriend Tag, confirming a relationship.

But for those who adore the pair might have bad news to hear as the two are no longer dating each other. The announcement came out as a shock to everyone who called them the fans of the pair. Published on Sep 4, Sad news indeed as they looked adorable together. Good thing that there is no negativity between them.


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Alex Wassabi Height, Weight, Age & Girlfriend

She has also worked in collaboration with Starbucks. As a Singer Lauren Riihimaki aspires to create her own album. She has shared a few music videos relevant to her vlogging on her channel. Personal Trainer Lauren does not have a personal trainer, but she has a few tricks of her own in maintaining her beautiful physique.

She has uploaded some of her workout videos on her channel, sharing some of her favorite exercises. In her videos, she shares her cardio and abs exercises , advising her fans to warm up before starting the workout.

15 Minutes with YouTube Creator Lauren Riihimaki AKA LaurDIY Posted on August 4, Lauren Riihimaki, better known as LaurDIY, is a Toronto-based DIY and lifestyle vlogger who runs the #1 DIY channel in Canada (with over 2 million followers!).

He runs a self-titled YouTube channel and another channel named Wassabi production where he uploads a variety of videos. He is best known for his parody song of Call Me Maybe. In Wassabi Productions, he mainly uploads comedy skits and parody videos. He is considered one of the richest YouTubers in the world. How much net worth has he accumulated? What are the sources of his income and also see his houses-cars?


Today we are going to have a talk about the most fascinating and cute Lauren Riihimaki and her bio. Let us talk about her personal life, her birthday, her age, dating life, tattoo and her website today. A post shared by Lauren Riihimaki laurdiy on Jul 27, at 9: She has a channel of her own with the same name of her website blog.

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Alex was born and bred in Lexington, Kentucky. Is rise to fame can be attributed to both luck and hard work. Like other You Tube stars, he first started out on Vine. His first Vine video was posted on May 1st Before long, he had amassed closed to a million vine followers. He later quit vine to solely focus on You Tube, Instagram and Facebook.

His two brothers, Andrew and Aaron are also You Tube celebrities with a combined following of close to 5 million subscribers. Alex also has a sister, Mariah who can easily be described as a budding internet sensation. Fame it seems, runs in the Burriss family. Alex, whose official name is Alex Burriss, speaks openly about his family.

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The two started their relationship as friends, but everyone already saw their chemistry! The more they spend time together, the more they fell in love. And in November , the two officially confirmed their relationship! We mean, just look at how they make each other smile! They went to a lot of trips together already which made for the most epic travel vlogs!

When we first met I had no idea how much I would love you. But even after almost 3 yrs, I still fall in love all over again every single

Eye color Brown Alex Wassabi, also known as Alex or Alexander Burriss, is a YouTube star who runs a comedy based channel called Wassabi Productions and his very own vlogging channel named after him. When he reached the age of 1, Alex moved to Kentucky with his family and lived there for the first half of his childhood. As a 3-year-old, Alex described himself as a cute kid.

Eventually, he moved again to North Carolina, U. Growing up, Alex was the class clown; he wanted to make people happy. He was very interested in Basket-ball, that he participated in the Local Leagues for 6 years until he went to high school. Education and Career In Middle school, Alex was diagnosed with ADHD, which meant that it was hard for him to pay attention in class without getting distracted.

However, he usually pays attention only to topics that he’s interested in. After college, he moved to Los Angeles, California as a part of being a Youtuber. Parents and Siblings Alex has a big family of 6: Roi was already making videos at that time, which was before YouTube ever existed.

Lauren Riihimaki Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Wassabi rose to fame in after posting the video Define: Alex Wassabi first joined YouTube in He initially made videos with his friends on the Wassabi Productions channel out of personal enjoyment, but he was able to build a career on the platform after his first viral video. Like most other YouTube celebrities, he makes the majority of his money from ad revenue and endorsements.

He is also popular on Twitter, Instagram, and was also famous on Vine before it shut down.

To Download My Side Laurdiy Alex 3 click Download button & select Bitrate as kbps, kbps, kbps, kbps. Related Music ♪ HANDCUFFED TO MY BOYFRIEND FOR 24 HOURS.

What it is what it be what it do doe. He is one of the most humorous and hilarious Youtube personalities out there and that is why he has received so much fame and success. What about the dating life of the vlogger, who is his girlfriend? Alex Wassabi is successful, hilarious and hot so he must be boyfriend goals for a lot of his fans out there. However, they might have to reconsider their fantasies of a relationship as he is already dating someone.

His girlfriend as many of his followers may already know is the famous fellow Youtube star Lauren Riihimaki. The details of their relationship are still intact but they have only been seen together since mid Alex Wassabi and Lauren Riihimaki. Pinterest Lauren Riihimaki is an accomplished Youtube personality herself having more than 6.

She even has more than 3. Although times are far away from Lauren and Alex to be wife and husband, they are already couple goals married or not. Alex Wassabi with Lauren Riihimaki on his birthday. Twitter There was not much to go on about the past dating history and love life of Alex.

My Side Laurdiy Alex Wassabi The Gregory Brothers

The couple was in a relationship with each other after they started dating in She and her boyfriend, Alex were savoring their time together and were opened to give a glimpse of their relationship with their social media fans. Pouring his heartfelt of expression, he thanked his well-wisher for supporting him and Lauren for a long time. However, the couple decided to take a break from their relationship with Lauren. She earns this amount of money from her dedication and hard work to make videos on YouTube.

So we hope that she will grow her net worth very soon.

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Image Source Alex Wassabi is a content creator and actor. He is also a YouTube vlogger on the very popular channel, Wassabi Productions. The channel has garnered over 10 million subscribers. In addition to that, he runs his personal channel which has over two million subscribers. Alex began his YouTube career in and has been described as one of the fast-rising Filipino-American YouTube vloggers.

As an actor, he played the role of Allen in the movie Boo 2! Alex was dubbed the class clown from an early age; he attended middle school in Durham, North Carolina. He joined his best friend, RoiFabito and several others, to create video contents in Their channel was named Hoiistroi but changed to Wassabi Productions. Initially, videos were purely for their own entertainment until they gradually began to amass a following.

Soon, others dropped out leaving Roi and Alex to it.