So Ween broke up back in May this is the year of seemingly one-hit-wonder bands breaking up after decades of playing. This song from the album Pure Guava was my introduction to them, and it is weird and kind of irritating and strangely catchy and perfectly encapsulates Ween. The melody is simple and poppy, but the vocals are, if not sped up, then crazily falsettoed. The other fun thing about Ween is that in addition to pretty much none of their albums sounding alike, pretty much none of their songs sound alike. A nice trick, that. I blame it all on my time constraints. GR had lots of locations and historical photo-op type things. When we left off, JR was trying to persuade Bast to help him out some more.

Can you tell the age of an Emerson flute by its serial numbers?

The quote was stated as: Janice Crouch filed for the divorce of her estranged husband Paul Franklin Crouch Founder Paul Crouch remains living in California. It’s claimed Paul Crouch Sr.

Dec 04,  · Dating a Les Paul Junior usually starts with soft music and a glass of wine, followed by the usual dancing and expensive dinner.. I guess with a Burst, you have to fly it to Paris. 😉 spin.

Besides, the era of big dating data has plenty of other ways to put your best face forward. Master the art Whether or not you think selfies are embarrassing, they do impact online dating profiles, for better or worse. But for men, she wonders if they are lacking skills in the art of the selfie. So, invest in a selfie stick, and start working on your technique!

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Gibson/Fender Amp Comparison

He bought it new in I really feel like a guitar should be played and should have a life and not just look good. These guitars had a few interesting characteristics like no channel rout and a blend knob instead of a tone knob. The blend disappeared around Plus, you get flathead screws all the way around, including the truss rod!

Product Dating Find out exactly when your instrument or amplifier was manufactured.

Share 25 shares ‘We have put a great amount of time and effort into arranging this tour and to see it end like this is both sad and disappointing. If you bought tickets from GroupOn please contact them direct. In his autobiography, the star referred to struggles with bulimia, obbsessive compulsive disorder OCD , bipolar disorder and alcoholism. The former sports star had been keeping a low profile of late as he focuses on his health and sobriety. His spokesperson Terry Baker said that he was attempting to give up booze completely in after years of crippling addiction.

In January, he revealed: Gascoigne was seen walking out of a speaking engagement at the Watford Colosseum last weekend ‘He is making a serious effort to get free of his demons and trying to become alcohol free for I’m not religious at all but if any of you are, say a prayer for him. In his autobiography, Gascoigne star referred to struggles with bulimia, obsessive compulsive disorder OCD , bipolar disorder and alcoholism. Share or comment on this article.

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FAKES The proliferation of fake guitars being sold today has prompted me to give them their own page. Many of these auction are valid auctions and you may ask how can they afford to sell a guitar for 10 cents and I’ve seen a few close that low. Check the shipping rates. Largely targeted to the UK market, pounds for EMS or pounds for “surface” is actually times the actual cost of shipping and include the built in profit margin for the fake guitar.

After you take into consideration how cheap it is to have a guitar built in China it will all make sense.

I’ve posted new comparison audio clips for both my Strat and my Les Paul. As before, the brightness switch is off for the first riff, and on for the second. As before, the brightness switch is off for the first riff, and on for the second.

All unformatted, non-classified, duplicated data or incomplete information that companies deal with on day to day basis is referred to as bad data. With this exponential rise, the percentage of bad data is bound to go up significantly, creating hurdles for data interpreters due to which company loses a lot on time and efforts in finding out the solution. Invalid Reporting Reports form an essential part of day to day decision-making process. Unavailability of required reports can then hamper crucial decisions which may translate into losses for the company in the longer run.

For instance, in a processed cheese making company, they need X litres of fresh milk on regular basis for the production. During a festive week, the market demand of their products rises manifold. In such a situation, the production team prepares a chart on the basis of reports of current stock level of milk and sends it to the purchase manager.

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The first model GA-5 Les Paul was introduced in Ciruit wise this amp is an almost identical copy of the Fender Champ 5C1 circuit. It was fitted with a Jensen 10″ field coil speaker.

“Go Tell It on the Mountain” is an African-American spiritual song, compiled by John Wesley Work, Jr., dating back to at least , that has been sung and recorded by many gospel and secular performers.

Before that Unicord was a manufacturer of electronic transformers. Around this time Unicord merged with Merson, a guitar improter that made lines like “Tempo”, “Giannini” and “Hagstrom”. In company this company was still making amps, though they were hybrid amps with tubes and transistors. Also around , the famous Hi-Flyer line was started, which continued for several years. In , Univox introduced its “Badazz”, a copy of a Guild S Some of these copies were actually made by Aria, which seems to have made a lot of copy guitars for other companies.

Around was when Univox changed the logo on their guitars from plastic ones to the decal under the finish. Around , Univox and Merson split, but Unicord kept marketing Univox equipment for a few years after that, until about These included the old guitars and new ones, like a copy of a Rickenbacker bass and a Fender Strat. Plus, new solid state and tube amps were offered. Apparently employees were only given a single days noticed.

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Quotes “I’ve been to war [sic]. If I had a choice, I’d rather go to war. It means what these words say, for starters. The great inalienable rights of our country.

Kim Porter’s Golden Casket Seen as Diddy and Other Mourners Arrive for Funeral — AM PT — TMZ’s obtained a photo from inside the funeral, before Diddy ‘s golden casket’s front and center topped with a bouquet of beautiful flowers, along with a black and white photo of her.

Fender Blues Junior Different editions and their differences As you probably know already, Fender did not do a good job for you when it comes to decision, “Ok I want Fender Blues Junior, but which one?! Which Fender Blues Junior edition is right for me? As I stated before, Fender released several limited editions of this amp. Good thing is, they all have the same electronics, it’s just about make-up different colors, materials I will not focus on make-up variations here.

It really doesn’t matter much. But I can’t be quiet on speaker variations. One more thing to note, in Early models of Fender Blues Junior were a bit moody or bassy if you like, and later models were more bright sounding, similar to the great Fender Blues Deluxe.

Epiphone Les Paul

All models made during WW2. The post-war logo has the “G” and the “N” with a tail that drops below the other letters. Dot on “i” connected to “G”: Dot on “i” free from “G”: Gibson always used nitrocellulose lacquer for all instruments from to present.

The best example I’m aware of is the GA-5, which came in at least three variants under the name “Skylark” (one 6BQ5, two 6AQ5s, two 6BQ5s), and another version named the “Les Paul, Jr” (6V6, like a .

Rectangular label, no serial number or model name on label, photo of Orville Gibson and lyre-mandolin on label, date sometimes penciled under top. Oval label with serial number, no model name, photo of Orville Gibson and lyre-mandolin: Number and model name on white paper label, number range to Hand ink or penciled some overlap with previous style: Ink stamped, not penciled.

Low end models with no serial number. No serial number used on lower line instruments date by Factory Order Number. Instruments with an “Artist” serial number should also have a Factory Order Number by which a date can be cross-referenced. Number preceded by an “A-” on white oval label: Number preceded by an “A” on orange oval label: Note the “-” after the “A” was dropped for the orange labels.

Norman’s Rare Guitars – Guitar of the Day: 1957 Gibson Les Paul Jr.