By Rob Garland ; Updated September 15, The Hammond organ, created by a company of the same name, was originally intended for use in churches during the s, but by the late s it had become associated with rock, blues and jazz. A simple dictionary definition of the instrument is “an electric organ with two keyboards, electronic tone generation, and a wide variety of tone colors. Use the Tonewheel General Hospital website to check the age of your organ by comparing Electronics Industry Codes located on the organ to those on the list. Examine each tube and write down the number codes located on them. Refer to the Tonewheel General Hospital website and compare the numbers to the tubes section. The numbers on the tubes often describe a year directly, with the first two digits referring to the year and the last two to the week in that year. Examine the speakers and write down the number codes written on them.

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Hernandez invoked his right to counsel and refused hammond b3 serial number dating talk to police, nFL star Hernandez convicted of murder, plated brass bottom covers. The three jacks hammond b3 serial number dating the side, the power is about the same. These were installed all versions of on the AR, rADIO magazine in the January issue.

The band is as close to being called a super group as you can get. Featuring a line up of stalwarts of the local music scene, each of the members has been playing in a variety of bands before coming together as The Pillagers. Consisting of Gary Zoldos on vocals, Patrick Kane on guitar, David Bowling on rhythm guitar, Bob Rich III on bass and Jerry Augustyniak on drums their individual talents all mesh together as one for a sturdy muscular sound missing from most of today’s music.

Kane produced the disc and wrote all the tracks here with help from Zoldos on three of them. While Kane’s outstanding guitar work and Zoldos’ vocals are featured prominently the solid rhythm guitar of Bowling allows Kane to play those lead riffs over the songs. Also the rhythm section of Augustyniak and Rich keep the beat as steady as a blacksmith banging his anvil. Rich also adds some smooth pop style harmonies to contrast Zoldos’ more straight rock approach.

The disc kicks off with “Vaguest” a track Zoldos wrote while in Las Vegas and deals with the misplaced notion that the city is the land of dreams and the future and the disassociation of human contact in today’s high tech world of computers, cell phones and those Vegas slot machines. Killer organ from Hunt rounds this track out to perfection.

The center piece of the disc is Zoldos’ ode to love “Desirae” about a mysterious woman who crosses paths with the writer. The disc is available at all the Pillagers gigs as well at www. The artists who all generously donated their tracks to the disc include world renowned performers and those who still play locally every weekend. Their legions of fans are legendary and they show up in force and are quite boisterous for this performance and recording. The band is one of the hardest working in the area and plays out literally every weekend and is booked a year in advance.

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Fisher was later to join Will in the organ-loft at Westminster Abbey when the latter played the Bach and Reger passacaglias for the Epiphany Service in Following the Redhill concert , and seduced by the glorious profile of the B3 onstage at the Harlequin , Will acquired a venerable AB Hammond, serial No , dating from Shortly after ‘this galling moment’ as he recalls it, Fraser left the UK to work at the Toronto Film Festival, since when his career has taken more of a filmic than a musical direction.

But the organ enthusiasm has welled up inexorably in his first released work: In the course of the film’s fourteen minutes and 22 seconds the instrument is played in three different bands:

Download Hammond organ apps for Android. Reviews, screenshots and comments about Hammond organ apps like Cozi Family Organizer, Jorte Calendar & Organizer.

He mastered the Hammond B3 organ and spent his life in jazz as one of its finest purveyors. Gene was an honest, sincere, loyal and above all, humble gentleman. He was one of the greatest living examples of how to remain true to this music and do it with total integrity. In addition to his many wonderful qualities, Gene possessed an undying love and respect for the African-American culture from which Jazz comes. This was evident in his earliest recordings and remained so for the rest of his life and career.

Gene Ludwig is one of the giants of this music and he will be greatly missed” – Thomas Wendt – jazz drummer to Gene Ludwig for 15 years “On his own gigs, he was something to hear. Whether it was a funky blues or the hippest standard, Gene delivered. When I heard that he was undertaking a Cole Porter project, I was pleased because I knew the material would bring out his best.

They are a select crew, after all, piloting Jazz’ Spruce Goose, the technically marvelous Hammond B-3 organ, through the turbulence of time and popular taste. It’s no easy feat, of course, co-ordinating hands and feet, keys and pedals with mind and spirit. It’s no secret either that, when done right, the Hammond beast soars like nothing else. Its twists and turns, jives and grooves, speak, communicate and resonate with you.

Academics call this “soul-jazz.

Paul Rodgers celebrates the songs and musicians of Memphis on “The Royal Sessions”

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Hammond Organ b3-c3 Service Manual. Hammond leslie Faq. 70 Solos for Hammond Organ [Classical] Hammond l Series Service Manual. Hammond Style Comping Pt 1. A Service Manual. Jimmy Smith – at the Organ Vol 2. Blues and Rock Techniques for Hammond Organ. Hammond Xk3c Manual. Manual.

Audio CD Verified Purchase The only thing keeping me from naming this the contemporary jazz album of the year is the fact that I already bestowed that honor upon BWB’s “Human Nature” two months ago possibly jumping the gun. But to be sure, this a very worthy runner-up. They can call this “contemporary” jazz but it’s also retro – especially retro s, with songs like Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman” from the “Superfly!

Ligertwood once again delivers impressive soul-styled vocals on the Oblivion Express originals “Happiness Is Just Around the Bend” a single A-side for them — not the same song as the Main Ingredient hit with the same title and “Whenever You’re Ready. It’s as if this phenomenal song had been waiting 43 years for a Hammond B3 organ-electric guitar instrumental this brilliantly arranged including a stellar horn chart to come along.

Golub and Auger really kick it up a notch when called for. Track 2 is a grooving melodic delight titled “Isola Natale,” another original Auger composition. The ride continues with the relentlessly charging Golub-co-penned title song, which boasts its own compelling melody, and the album just keeps a rolling on from there.

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Hammond B3 – Fire stavelser, der har revolutioneret lyden af populær musik. Siden den første Hammond B3 orgel brast ind på musikscenen i midten af ‘erne, keyboard spillere og fans smagt magt og fingerfærdighed af instrumentet.

Early life[ edit ] Hugh was the first generation of his family to be born in the United States , and grew up surrounded by classical music. His father was classical music radio host Ivor Hugh born in Hammersmith , England ; his mother was born in Shanghai , the daughter of missionary Frank Rawlinson born in Bath , England , who wrote nine books, including a life of Christ in Chinese. In his early teens, however, rock and roll and soul won out. He played for a year as the pianist in an African American gospel church and studied African drumming.

He studied piano with jazz pianist Jaki Byard and avant garde pianist Ran Blake. Hugh dropped out of high school during his junior year to focus on his music. He briefly attended film school at the University of Bridgeport. Hugh struggled with alcoholism in the s, achieving sobriety in

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Produced by Perry Margouleff, The Royal Sessions captures the music in its pure form — live band and vocal takes as performed together at Royal Studios by Rodgers and an all-star roster of legendary musicians. The opportunity to record in such a hallowed place with musicians he considered personal heroes was a dream come true. The Memphis players forged an immediate bond when presented with his formidable talent and sincere love of the songs. Deeply felt, powerfully sung and expertly played, it features a cross-section of material hand-picked by Rodgers, songs of great historical significance and personal meaning.

Oct 17,  · For many of us this is known information but many people don’t really know how a Hammond organ functions inside. I learned some more from these vids myself, especially the 1st vid. below on the Tone Generator.

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Swing on the Rocks explores “soundscapes” in a nod back to the progressive rock of the s. Headphone icons on the album notes indicate where these features enhance the listener’s experience. Dale’s background is in rock music, dating back to Montrose, The Beach Boys, and Boston in the mid s, as well as his own solo album MindWinder. Enlisting phenomenal arranger Rick Walsh who worked with iconic artists like Linda Ronstadt and Metallica in its legendary San Francisco Symphony performance , Dale uses his powerful and dynamic vocals to reinvigorate these rock classics.

On Swing on the Rocks, Dale is surrounded by an piece big band style orchestra that features amazing guitar solos and the impressive stylings of Paul Shaffer of the CBS Orchestra on Late Night with Dave Letterman on the Hammond B3 organ throughout, creating a riveting roller coaster of a musical ride.

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PayPal How old is my Hammond? This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and unfortunately, due to the lack of available factory records on production dates, one of the most difficult to answer. There is some help available however: BevisPeters, and is currently maintained by RickPrevallet. It is basically a list of dates and serial numbers for various Hammond and Leslie models. It also provides guidelines to determine, generally, the age of a Hammond, based on certain features and characteristics that changed throughout the model history.

The age determinination list contains good descriptions of the various formats these code take. Additionally, these lists of EIA manufacturer codes may be of use: They came in two colors: Black transformers have a four digit date stamped into the bell housing. Silver ones do not. To get an idea of the production date for a silver AO look at the can capacitor’s date code xxxx.

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Hammond b3 serial number dating. Hammond serial number dating. Hammond organ serial number dating..

The German scholar Michael Praetorius described a small English cittern as a Klein Englisch Zitterlein in his treatise Syntagma Musicum , published during the early 17th century, recording the language consonant shift. It is not fully understood how ‘zitter’ or ‘zither’ came to be applied to the instruments in this article as well as German varieties of the cittern.

Other types of zither also existed in Germany, mostly drone zithers like the scheitholt which was mentioned by Praetorius or hummel , but these generally have their own individual regional names and may have been in use before the introduction into the lexicon of ‘cythara’ and its German derivative cognate. The Hornbostel-Sachs system, an academic instrument classification method, also uses the term zither, to classify all stringed instruments in which the strings do not extend beyond the sounding box.

Pedal steel guitars , lap guitars where the neck serves no separate function other than to extend the string length , and keyboard instruments like the clavichord , harpsichord and piano also fall within this broad categorical use. The word has also been used in conjunction with brand varieties of other string instruments, for example the zither banjo.

Master Hammond B3» Aeternus Brass» ballads: songs that tell stories, many dating back hundreds of years; term also served as a title for piano pieces of a vaguely descriptive character. ballet: form of theatrical dance; combination of music and dancing.

Page 30 Modulation Wheel is set at minimum only the first Voice will be heard; when it is at maximum only the second Voice will be heard. In this way it is possible to obtain a morphing between the two Voices in real time and controlled by the musician. It is used to create groups of ten Voices at a time with the preferred timbres to therefore speed up their access.

Page 34 Flash RAM, that makes it possible to keep the samples in memory even while the key- board is switched off and which is used to up-date or locate the timbres. The use of the Flash RAM is reserved to Ketron specialists, due to the fact that replacing one of the samples present on the purchase may jeopardise the correct management of the Style and Voices timbres. The characteristics of the SD1 include the processing of the bit signal with sampling frequency of 44,1 kHz in monphony.

One of the special features is the possibility to create a Multi-sample file exploiting up to a maximum of 64 samples arranged over the keyboard and therefore achieving an amazing timbre over the octaves of the keyboard.

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Later Oliver’s first “shop” was a 20 by 30 foot facility behind the family home. The shop was powered by a boiler that burned just about anything. The steam from the boiler powered a small steam engine, which turned the main shaft and pulleys. Remember, there was no electricity service yet!

B3 The Long and Winding Road Paul McCartney. lead vocals, piano, songwriter. John Lennon. bass guitar, songwriter A6, A3, B3, B4, Hammond organ A4, electric piano A4, maracas A6, songwriter A1-A3, A5-A7, B1-B3, B5; John Lennon “One After ” is a simple rocker dating back to their days as The Quarrymen. “For You Blue” is a lazy.

Hammond organ and Leslie information, schematics, serial number dating, etc. It is basically a list of dates and. I have Hammond organs without any documentation. At the back is a sign. Hammond organs, parts, rentals, chopped B3’s. Just in to The Farm This is a working U.

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