I love that song. I looked and found it was by Ra. Called like “Flutter” or some versions of that title. This episode was so heartwarming and poignant. I think what makes this drama stand out is the way the characters are written. We’ve got characters who are so dysfunctional in their own little way. Through time, they’re able to grow, and we as the audience are visualised with the complexities of each character. It’s perfectly encapsulated because this drama is essentially about the agency, not the client. The Cyrano agency is the main characters, and the emphasis on their character building through each segment, justifies that position.

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Episodes 11 – 16 July 31, Guest 3 In the beginning of this recap series, I thought it would be interesting to consider the moral questions that are posed when facing an entity like Cyrano, via its manipulations of its clients, though I regretfully dismissed it at the time to focus on the actual, fast-moving, flufftastic story. For this last part of Cyrano, however, it seems as though we might be better off pondering the subtext than spending our time on the at times strange, somewhat boring, but ultimately satisfying last arch.

The addition of cancer and the noble idiocy seems like a ruse for covering up a lack of ideas; but in this case, at least the cancer was handled in a way that is unique to K-dramaland.

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Cyrano introduces a modern and uniquely Korean flavor to a classic tale. Once a financially struggling theatre, The Theatre Cyrano has become a secretive agency that hires itself out for high-tech matchmaking services. The owner, still struggling under a debt burden left by his deceased friend and partner, is the stoic, intelligent, emotionally blunt Seo Byung-hoon.

Their well-scripted world is turned askew when Gong Min-young walks in the door. Her highly romanticized view of the world is a source of scorn for Byung-hoon, curiosity for Moo-jin, and admiration for Ah-rang. Min-young is intrigued by the work done by Cyrano Dating Agency and is drawn towards the ascetic and impersonal Byung-hoon, despite his best efforts to dissuade her.

He is captivated by Min-young and perturbed by Byung-hoon. The early episodes point to a deeper story between the two men. The drama features fun vignette-type stories spanning a few episodes each. The narratives follow the matchmaking shenanigans between two seemingly impossible-to-match people. Each vignette features cameo appearances of well-known Hallyu stars, upping the ante for viewership ratings.

Although attractive, his features are not the standard pretty-boy adorable, nor are they ruggedly handsome. The love interest of two rival males, Soo-young played the role with the wide-eyed romantic optimism critical to the role.

Dating cyrano agency recap

February 8, A Review: Cyrano Dating Agency I was anticipating this movie. At first I thought, it was just out of curiosity and the story seem to be cute. What a reason, right? But as I watched it, I think now I truly understood why I was so into watching this.

Dating agency cyrano ep 11 recap. London’s only to our online dating agency. Millionaire match you find the effort to the allure and cadogan the ultimate network of joining a slice of luxury event planners.

Yesterday, several dramas aired their premiere episode as two of them caught my attention. Cyrano, exceed my expectation. I avoided most of the promo materials for both dramas and I know I did the right thing since starting a drama with littlest information in my head proves to be better than knowing everything even before the drama airs. His target is a family who happens to be the family of the woman who was also his first love, Jo Hae-woo Son Ye-jin. My first impression on Shark is: So pretty and glossy, it reminds me of That Winter, the Wind Blows.

Are you even human?! There are only short glimpses on the adult version of the characters and in the first episode, the focus in on their past as teenagers. Ha Suk-jin is hawt! Similar characters, even with the saturi! Even his younger version is speaking in saturi! The real surprise for me is when No Young-hak appears on the screen.

Preview for Dating Agency: Cyrano Episode 15

That prompts Min-young to ask why Arang joined Cyrano Agency instead of a legitimate theater troupe. Omg, I kind of love drunk Min-young. Elsewhere, as Arang daydreams about the times that Se-kyung was seemingly annoyed with him, he thinks to himself: So if she wants to save herself from getting hurt in the future, she can chuck that idea of sincerity out the window. He smiles warmly back at her, and they shake hands.

Behalf agency: cyrano ost dating agency: episode 14 episode 14 recap. Details; 2 synopsis;. Kong min yeong is the full cast of dating service which starred actors uhm tae woong.

Welcome to the Soompi Weekly Roundup! Every weekend we will highlight all the important news that happened this week, so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. While normally K-Pop is mostly glitz and glamor, this week a lot of dark and unfortunate events took the spotlight. After attending the funeral , Son Ho Young tried to commit suicide in the same manner.

Fortunately, he was unsuccessful and is currently in a hospital recovering. Poor guy, hopefully he will be able to get the emotional help he needs and make a strong recovery. Trot singer and entertainer Jang Yoon Jung had happily announced her upcoming wedding with TV announcer Do Kyung Wan last month but it looks like family matters will damper the festivities. In an interview, Jang Yoon Jung shared how her mother spent all her savings and then some , leaving her completely broke.

Well, her mother and her brother had something to say back to her.

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Cyrano Dating Agency Episode 2 Recap

Wednesday, 10 July Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 14 Ah, there are a few nice twists in this episode, zipping us nicely into the final stretch. My favorite aspect of this show is its quick, light touch, which comes as a breath of fresh air. It’s also the reason why this show doesn’t get under my skin and doesn’t feel addictive in the way that others might, but it’s nice to have a break from that sometimes.

The pacing allows us to dip into conflict here and there, but it never drags the angst out long enough to feel tiresome.

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How to watch it live Anyone who couldn’t streaming live through the link posted above from kpop-stream website. Here is another method which is a bit time-consuming. I’ve never tried this method before but I heard some people successful did. You have to install the program, wait until finish the process 3. Open the program, the player should be like this: Fill your information in the blanks:

Jul 18,  · Based very loosely on the famous Cyrano de Bergerac, Dating Agency: Cyrano introduces a modern and uniquely Korean flavor to a classic tale. Once a financially struggling theatre, The Theatre Cyrano has become a secretive agency that hires itself out for high-tech matchmaking services.

Where can I find this dating agency? Cyrano is the fourth installment in the Flower Boy series. Assisted by the younger flower boys, Moo-jin and Ah-rang, and the spirited Mi-young, these four put together romantic situations for their clients and help them woo the people they love. Gong Min-young played by Choi Soo-young is the bubbly new member of Cyrano and the only female of the group. She gets recruited after expressing strong determination in her previous matchmaking job, and demonstrates that she is willing to do whatever it takes to get two people who love each other to be together.

She is diehard romantic. Despite being shown the cruel sides of relationship, she still remains positive on true love and believes everything in life happens for a reason. A bad experience means one is just a step closer to finding their soulmate. Moo-jin played by Hong Jong-hyun is the genius engineer of the group and is in charge of all the technical devices used in their missions.

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Step-dad shows his hand, changes are afoot, and Seung Ji finally learns to call Cherry Blossom mom. I’m going to miss this drama, in all its delightful sweetness. Like Seung Ji’s signature macarons, it’s cute and sweet and fun. It may not be filling like a main course, but it’s a nice treat and leaves me with a pleasant taste in my mouth and a smile on my lips.

Drama Moment of the Week: A lot of people are getting excited for the upcoming tvN drama “Dating Agency: Cyrano,” especially with Taemin and Lee Yoon Ji lined up for cameos in the first.

The series is about a dating agency that orchestrates romantic scenarios for paying clients, all in an effort to raise enough money to save an old theater. This drama series features star-studded line ups of flower boy leading men. Main Characters Seo Byunghoon or Leader played by Lee Jonghyuk – The Stoic former genius theater director who served as Cyrano’s “president” after the former president his best friend Do-il died. He started the Dating Agency in order to save the Cyrano theater as Cyrano’s old president had a debt.

Served as Minyoung’s master and cooking teacher. Will consider sabotaging the mission for the sake of the clients. Joined the Dating Agency after she got fired from her old job.

Dating Agency Cyrano Episode 2

The guys hit it up at Karma, where Roger and JWoww become a couple. Shortly thereafter, Vinny undergoes an anxiety-ridden ear piercing at the T-shirt shop, and Pauly announces that Vinny looks “fresh to death” the onlookers ostensibly concur. Deena and Vinny argue, as Vinny calls her “Angelina” starting some drama between them.

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Would you like to try our new layout. Phase 2 of the operation begins on the one night of the month Librarian attends her detective mystery book club. Min Young mulls it over and decides to do it, her romantic impetuous side kicking in. He’s definitely got a past hidden deep insight of him. Ercap i personally just believe in putting the truth out there for people to see; love me or hate me, atleast you know the real me.

I recxp looking forward to finding out what the deal is between them. I actually have been waiting for this show to start. No wonder he’s in love with himself so much. Poor Chunderella never caught a break. It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. I am really curious about the relationship of these two. Once the coast is clear, Byung-hoon casually lets her go.

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