Excusing Paganism in Christmas Richard Ritenbaugh, acknowledging that our culture has been oversaturated with Christmas paraphernalia, honoring Christ’s supposed birth on December 25th, reminds us that God has never commanded us to commemorate the time of His birth, but instead to annually observe the time of his death. Many ‘Christian’ leaders embrace a celebration that has undeniably pagan roots, stemming from the winter solstice festivals, observing the rebirth of the sun. John Chrysostom, by miscalculating the course of Abijah, thought he had made a case for a December 25th birth of Christ. Baptist scholar, author, and pastor John Piper proclaims that he sympathizes with those rigorous Christians who are alarmed about the origin of Christmas having pagan roots, but suggests that the roots are so far gone that it does not matter. Piper contends that even if these roots connect Christmas to pagan worship, it is worth “the risk,” to enshrine Christmas as a Christian holiday because we moderns have placed a more “sanctified” meaning on it. The difficulty with Piper’s position is that neither he nor any other human can sanctify anything; only God has that prerogative.

A Lunar Sabbath?

According to the Book of Exodus the Sabbath is a day of rest on the seventh day, Ten Commandments by God to be kept as a Holiday of rest, as God rested from creation. Although many viewpoints and definitions have arisen over the millennia, most originate in the same textual tradition of: The term has been used to describe a similar weekly observance in any of several other traditions; the first crescent or new moon ; any of seven annual festivals in Judaism and some Christian traditions; any of eight annual pagan festivals usually “sabbat” ; an annual secular holiday; and a year of rest in religious or secular usage, the sabbath year , originally every seventh year.

Most people who observe the Sabbath regard it as having been instituted as a perpetual covenant for the Israelites , as a sign respecting two events:

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Married US-Republican There is a lot of pseudo history out there. Here is what the History of the Christian Church vol 6 says, you can read it on ccel. They never adopted Manichaean elements. Nor did they repudiate the sacramental system of the established Church and invent strange rites of their own. They were also far removed from mysticism and have no connection with the German mystics as some of the other sectaries had.

They were likewise not Protestants, for we seek in vain among them for a statement of the doctrine of justification by faith. It is possible, they held to the universal priesthood of believers. According to de Bourbon and others, they declared all good men to be priests. They placed the stress upon following the practice of the Apostles and obeying the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount, and they did not know the definition which Luther put on the word “justification.

All the early attacks against them contain this charge. This was, perhaps, the first positive affirmation of a Scriptural ground for religious independence made by the dissenting sects of the Middle Ages. It contains in it, as in a germ, the principle of full liberty of conscience as it was avowed by Luther at Worms.

Lesson 3: Understanding Genesis 1 and 2 and God’s Work of Creation

And please heed the warning. We are living in the very last days friends, and we must heed the warnings from God, if we are to be saved. Jesus is waiting with open arms, please accept the message. In the last vision given me, I was shown the startling fact that but a small portion of those who now profess the truth will be sanctified by it and be saved. Many will get above the simplicity of the work.

Please read the following inspired message from the spirit of prophecy. And please heed the warning. We are living in the very last days friends, and we must heed the warnings from God, if we are to be saved.

Like Seventh-day Adventists, most people know little of the existence of other Sabbath-keepers. Well, there are about half a million other Sabbath-keepers besides Adventists, and they have doctrinal beliefs that are distinct in many ways from SDA’s. I can’t speak for all of these Sabbatarians, but I can explain how we are in some ways similar, in other ways different, and why I am not a Seventh-day Adventist. Christ kept the Sabbath and there is not a single text in the Bible showing that Christ authorized a change of the Sabbath from the seventh day of the week to the first.

No one can “work his way” into the Kingdom of God. Nevertheless, “faith without works is dead. His coming will climax global political and religious events, which will involve the entire population of the world and mark the end of the age.

National Sunday law

Roots of the Forum The prerequisites are to be an unmarried Sabbatarian and to leave your disenchantment at the door! The forum began in the Summer of when I found myself single again. I found that there were so many singles in the Body of Christ scattered around the world with no apparent way to connect. There is a newsletter and website maintained by Mike K in California, and a “snail mail” list maintained by one of the SSFF forum members for people who don’t have email; but I was already on a forum and enjoy sending emails to people in my spare time.

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May 15, Most Christian denominations today worship on Sunday, or the first day of the week, rather than on the Sabbath, or the seventh day of the week. What is so important about Sabbath observance for Seventh-day Adventists? And, is it even biblical? Common reasons why Adventists continue to keep the Sabbath: Sabbath observance is one of the Ten Commandments: God does very little writing with His own finger — and only once in stone Deuteronomy 5: James, for examples, specifically links up the Royal Law of Love with the Ten Commandments as follows: But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers.

For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful.

Sabbath, Torah, and the Gospels

The exile, he tells his fellow captives, is God ‘s punishment on Israel for turning away, but God will restore his people to Jerusalem when they return to him. Thus said the Lord: Block , but their remoteness and reputation for violence and mystery possibly “made Gog and his confederates perfect symbols of the archetypal enemy, rising against God and his people”. Twentieth-century scholars have used the term to denote the eschaton in a malleable sense, not necessarily meaning final days, or tied to the Apocalypse.

Their depiction with the hooked noses noted by Paul Meyer. The 3rd book of the Sibylline Oracles , for example, which originated in Egyptian Judaism in the middle of the 2nd century BC, [28] changes Ezekiel’s “Gog from Magog” to “Gog and Magog,” links their fate with up to eleven other nations, and places them “in the midst of Aethiopian rivers”; this seems a strange location, but ancient geography did sometimes place Ethiopia next to Persia or even India.

Answer to Soriano’s “The True Sabbath For True Christians” and when the Sabbath keepers heard his preaching, they rose up against Him, wanting to destroy Him. the seventh-day Sabbath. Tags: Eli Soriano / Ang Dating Daan Evangelicals Sabbath soriano’s teachings straw man fallacy Ten .

Right click and Save Target As Sabbath in the Bible Gen 2: And He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made. While the word Sabbath does not appear in the English text, it appears in the original Hebrew twice, where it is translated “he rested”. The idea of rest in the Hebrew word shabbath is a late one, and dependent on the concept of the Sabbath day rather than the other way around. The original, earlier meaning of the word is to cease, as in Genesis 8: The textual use of the word suggests that it also means “to sabbatize” or “to celebrate Sabbath”.

A candid reading of the Hebrew Bible makes it very clear that the Sabbath goes back to creation, whether or not that is clear in the biased translations that we have. Therefore, the claim that the Sabbath was first given in the Sinai covenant with the Jews falls flat in any case. The Sabbath and the Manna Exo From this text we can be certain of the following claims:

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That evening, God introduced the Manna Obedience Test to Israel, instructing them to gather daily an amount sufficient for their needs for one day, and that on the sixth day they were to gather a double portion in order to provide them with manna on the Sabbath, seeing as there would be none provided on that day. Critical thinking elicits the fact that you cannot keep the Sabbath holy without a preparation day before it.

All the work has to be completed before sundown on the 6th day.

Mar 04,  · Yes I agree America is a gentile nation, but we can say none of the commandments apply to america as well too since all of the commands were being stated to .

Does God require Sabbath-keeping of Christians? These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind. In the early chapters of the book of Acts, the first Christians were predominantly Jews. When Gentiles began to receive the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, the Jewish Christians had a dilemma.

The apostles met and discussed the issue in the Jerusalem council Acts Sabbath-keeping was not one of the commands the apostles felt was necessary to force on Gentile believers. A common error in the Sabbath-keeping debate is the concept that the Sabbath was the day of worship. Groups such as the Seventh Day Adventists hold that God requires the church service to be held on Saturday, the Sabbath day. That is not what the Sabbath command was.

The Sabbath command was to do no work on the Sabbath day Exodus Yes, Jews in Old Testament, New Testament, and modern times use Saturday as the day of worship, but that is not the essence of the Sabbath command. When did the early Christians meet?

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Series 3 – Getting to Really Know God Hi, friends, and welcome to this lesson! When a person carefully reads the first two chapters of Genesis, he or she often thinks of many questions. God hasn’t revealed the answers to everything we might like to know, but we can help you understand the answers to many of the common questions.

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Two 5th century historians noted that at that time nmost Christians kept the seventh-day Sabbath. The Sabbath retains its OC meanings identifying God’s specially sanctified people “the people of God” and pointing them back to God as Creator. Added to that is the NC meaning of the rest through Christ, fulfilled in type by the rest given to Israel during Joshua’s time Heb4: His return also signals the beginning of the millennial rest prophesied in the OT.

For these “firstfruits” Jas. Jesus Christ makes a powerful statement about rest recorded in Matt To re-phrase you sentence more accurately: You will not find any support for Sunday observance in the teachings of the early church. This shows excellant reading skills.

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Interactive Bible study series lessons where you learn Bible truths while on line for yourself. Anyone can understand what the Bible says. The Bible is God’s Inspired Book! Do you really believe the Bible is Inspired? Fundamental Bible Doctrines What the Bible teaches on doctrinal subjects Do you know what your church teaches: Official teachings of almost every church.

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Something has been bothering me for the last week or so. I have been wanting to get to the bottom of the issue of the Sabbath from the founding of America. What were the Pilgrims running from? What were they trying to accomplish? Where the founding fathers of America Hebrew Roots? This article traces the Pilgrims from England to Holland. They fled to Holland where they were allowed to worship freely. They joined with the Mennonite Church, which was a 7th Day Sabbath-keeping church.

They originated from the Brownist or Separatist. The term Brownists was a common designation for early Separatists before Brownists, Independents, and Separatists were all used somewhat interchangeably for those nonconformists who broke with the Church of England. Robert Browne was a Puritan Congregationalist leader, one of the original proponents of the Separatist, or Free Church, movement among Non-conformists that demanded separation from the Church of England and freedom of state control.

What would happen if ALL of America kept the Sabbath?

That is typically the debate that arises next when we say all of the other commands apply to us but the sabbath doesn’t. What you’re doing is replacing the relationship of the Law keeping a specific people until the fulness of time determined by God, morphing the Law’s Holiness down into a mere guide that everyone ought to keep. It was never conveyed in that tenor, as it was a legally binding covenant that America was never given.

You can’t separate the Sabbath from the other components of the Mosaic covenant, which was given with the condition that compliance would be the recipients righteousness and their condition for life and possession of the promised land. The debate that you initiate so many times seeks to reduce the Holiness of the Law and make it a mere guide – and this is a common problem I run into with Catholics, who respond with the notion of ‘be good’ when inquiry is made on their claim to eternal life.

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