Feb 7, 2: Stick to what you know and what you know your partner will like. Get Cozy Instead of heading to work, have you and your boo play some mid-week hooky and call out together. Spend the day sleeping in, relaxing and doing whatever the hell you feel like doing together. Embrace Your Inner Child Indoor trampoline centers are a great way for you both to embrace your inner child and burn some calories at the same time. Nothing is quite as thrilling as publicly declaring your love for someone.

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Singapore Wedding Rites and Rituals Inter-racial marriages are on the rise, and with that, cross-cultural wedding ceremonies and practices are also gaining a foothold here in Singapore. This, on top of rapid globalisation, has given rise to the popularity of using traditional Eastern customs to spruce up a wedding while using a Western framework to create an experience that is both contemporary and unique. Here is a brief list of some Chinese rituals practised here in the country.

After this, they invite a male child of a relative to roll and lie on the bed to bless the wedded couple with fertility and the hope of conceiving a son.

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What can be worse than depriving yourself of good food and good company? A couple that grows fat together, stays together. These are places you should visit at least once in your lifetime. It is loved by taxi drivers looking to curb their hunger pangs in the middle of the night. The queue may be long but it clears fast. Vegetarian Stall Coffee Express For guilt-free indulgence at midnight, head on down to chow on their kway chap that swims in a flavourful herbal broth.

Order their crispy fried dumplings to go along with your hearty kway chap and the accompanying braised mock meats, taupok and taukwa. It is recommended that you order you tiao fried dough fritters , to dunk into the piping hot soup for added flavour. Also, you have the option of switching up your bowl of white rice to mee sua, an interesting twist to this traditional Chinese dish.

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This queer conference gathers a range of speakers and interest groups for dialogue, aiming to expose the community to a diverse range of perspectives and ideas. There will be different themes each week aimed to primarily connect LGBTIQ people and also with the community at large. There will be an attractive drinks promotion, and ice breaker games will be played to help with the socialising.

Ideas for couple fun #3 – Outdoors. Go on a shopping spree but don’t do it the usual way. Challenge each other to buy something nice yet really cheap. The one who buys the nicest and cheapest item wins the game. Pack a basket of food and have a picnic in the park.

One of the most popular bisexual dating sites in the world! Our goal is to provide the best, largest, secure and most effective, non-threatening, sleaze-free support and advice forum for bisexual and bi curious individuals exploring their bisexual desires, romance, passions, dating and love. This site is not pornographic, it’s simply a meeting point for like-minded and open-minded bi singles struggling with their feelings. We have plenty of light hearted and fun chill-out areas. You may also post your own status updates, keep up to date with them all via our site latest and personal messages.

You can even start your own blog and forum if you like.

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While the whole nation is abuzz with family-oriented activities and events, and every mall and parks are filled with more kids than you can handle, let us fill you in on some quiet spots for you and your partner to take refuge and wind down. Paddle Your Way to a Seafood Feast If you need to work up an appetite, this is the perfect challenge for the both of you. Paddle your way to a local modern kelong on a 2-person kayak and reward yourself with a scrumptious spread of Halal seafood after a two to three hours workout.

To all the fans of Puddin and his queen, Joker and Harley are high up on our list of the best Halloween costumes ideas for adults.. We just couldn’t think of anything more Halloween-ish than the MADLY-IN-LOVE couple.

While the weather can be a great deterrent to venturing outside, parks, picnics and cycling show your partner that you have an adventurous side. These fun activities could provide you and your date a breath of fresh air literally. Then, race your date down one of the four trails in the three-wheeled go-karts. Nature walk at Coney island Photo: Watch movies under the stars Photo: Films At The Fort Get cosy with your partner and enjoy watching a film on a large screen outdoors.

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Poetry reading under a waterfall: Write your own poem, read classic poems or even song lyrics to your beloved. Go to the Nature Conservatory: Just be with the trees and the breeze and get to know your date outside of hectic city-scapes.

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Having your sweetheart join you in the tub is even better or just hop in the shower together and take turns soaping and shampooing each other. You’ll also conserve water in the process, making this a green romantic idea. For a quick surprise romantic idea using the tub or shower, get the bathroom ready before your lover comes home. Make it a bubble bath complete with candles and wine Create a playlist of romantic songs to play while you’re bathing Replace all your typical shower washes and tools with spa-quality sponges and washes Have Dinner In Don’t let cooking keep you from enjoying a nice romantic dinner for two.

You can cook something simple or purchase take-out and bring it home. What makes the dinner romantic are the setting and the time spent together.

10 NEW Date Ideas In Singapore That Popped Up In 2017 To Save Couples From Nua-ing Indoors

Baby boomer first dates often differ from the first dates of something and something daters. Midlife singles seeking mature romance often emphasize conversation more on their first date or two. Conversation alone does not foster the relationship you desire. What creates a healthy, mature relationship? Sharing activities together builds your relationship.

Most romantic places for dating Dating Ideas for Singaporean couples EPIC Bars you won’t believe exist Bars with Drinks under 10 bucks A Guide to Singapore Nightlife 10 NEW Date Ideas In Singapore That Popped Up In To Save Couples From Nua-ing Indoors 9 minutes reading time ( words) Oct.

Say amore while strawberry pickin’ at Knauss Berry Farm. If you’ve planned a romantic getaway in this “Magic City,” a box of chocolates and a dozen roses just won’t do. Follow our top 10 date ideas for how to spend a romantic anniversary, birthday or even Valentine’s Day with your sweetie. Walk through the lush hanging garden, Museum Park or sit on the steps that descend onto the waterfront.

Although a major metropolitan area, Miami has a slice of horse country in the southwest neighborhood of Miami known as Kendall. Inside, tour the first and second floors, climb the winding staircases for a glimpse at the antique, ornate furnishings. Choose from daytime or sunset cruises aboard its air-conditioned multi-level vessel where the view is breathtaking and the unlimited beer, wine and champagne keep the spirits up.

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Attend an open mic night. Open mics are not only wonderfully creative and inspiring events, but are also usually filled with very supportive audiences. People just want to cheer each other on! And for the extra daring, try getting up on that stage yourself. People-watch and create backstories. Up your people-watching skills by challenging each other to pick a stranger, and imagine what their life is like. Explore a used book store.

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