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Ask Away: How Do You Hook up a Turbo 400 Kickdown? (Hint: It’s Not Like Other 3-Speeds)

Its aluminum case is essentially smooth. The rear mounting face of the transmission has a hex bolt pattern with ribs running forward longitudinally. The fluid pan shape is irregular see image, left , being likened unto a distorted Texas pattern. The TH is the largest of the common GM auto transmissions, but still surprisingly compact in light of the immense power they can handle.

We also provide images such as wiring diagrams, engine diagrams, parts diagrams, transmission diagrams, replacement parts, electrical diagrams, repair manuals, engine schemes, wiring harness, fuse boxes, vacuum diagrams, timing belts, timing chains, brakes diagrams, and engine problems, you can find it in the search box above the right side of.

The valve cover connections are peculiar as is the vacuum hook ups on the distributor. And welcome to you and your brother to the site and the wonderful world of Opels Thank you and everyone else for the tips. After I tried looking for the diagram and could find exactly what I was looking for. I was thinking more like a wireing diagram but for vacuum Although the links you guys have provided are much appreciated and very helpful.

But if it really is worth the money I guess we can save up. Unless you know where we can get one cheaper? My brother Marc is buying everything and I’m trying to put everything together and try to teach him a thing or two about basic mechanical skills and maintenance.

Is the 700R4 interchangeable with the Turbo 350?

The and later units when in “Drive” started in low and automatically up shifted to high at a speed determined by the throttle opening. By the mid s, more than half of all new Chevrolets were sold with Powerglide. In , GM started building Air Cooled Powerglides in aluminum , primarily for use in the new model Chevy II, which required a lightweight transmission for its compact body, and discontinued the cast iron Powerglides in

Aug 10,  · The R4 doesnt have a vacuum control, its a TV cable hookup. Older TH transmissions had the vacuum, but I am pretty sure later ones went to a cable.

Remember overdrive is only 3rd gear high range anyway. There are two wire transmissions out there; these have a non-lock-up torque converter. With this three wire setup you have a four speed transmission plus a torque converter lock-up feature. The extra gear is 3rd high range. We’ve been asked this question for years, so I decided to put it down in black and white.

What we’re actually going to do here is control the overdrive and torque converter lock-up normally controlled by the computer using one vacuum and two oil pressure switch. This will be accomplished with the use of three GM parts and some trick wiring. This can be made to work with a diesel motor also with or without a vacuum pump and vacuum regulator.

TH350 Vacuum hose. What to use?

Early production was a Gen3 engine in the “classic body style truck” Please let me know if PCM does not match the engine exactly. GM used different injector sizes, fuel rail types etc across engine’s and years. It’s important for best performance to know exactly what the engine is.

Oct 29,  · Most likely you have a TH turbo trans and on the side front is a vacuum actuated can that operates the shift of the tranny. Any vacuum line connected to .

Posted by admin on November 17, No comments When is comes to this area of this line of transmissions, it is real difficult to nail it down. Type 1 trannys use a fairly common midplate from what i can gather, differences being between diesel and gas models. GM started having trouble with a harsh engagement when shifting into drive or overdrive on some R4 models, which over a period of time not only irritated the customer but tore up the forward clutch of the transmission. Companies like Superior make a kit to retrofit this valve into your transmissions so you can do away with the electrical lock-up all together.

For performance, it seems GM had many parts that were corvette specific. Posted by admin on November 8, No comments so something i have been trying to find a happy medium on transmission builds is what is largely known as parasitic drag. Posted by admin on October 24, No comments the main difference between the R4 and the 4L60E is the valve body in my opinion. First thing to do is to remove the forward accumulator.

Posted by admin on October 23, No comments Fundamentally, all automatic transmissions use the front pump simply as a hydraulic pump. On these transmissions,as well as the 4L80E, this is where they really set themselves apart from the older generations of trannys like the th and th Sonnax makes repair kits for both of these valves. So, when doing a swap into another vehicle, the only real critical thing you need to worry about is adjusting and installing the throttle valve cable correctly.

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Another Holley crap video. Let’s just show you hooking it up, not setting it. Figures Holley cant even do that right. I will stick with my edelbrock and demon carbs Can some one help Got a 92 Silverado with r4 Problem is that it kicks to 3ed in both overdrive and drive and then nun it start going high rpm and it like free spins or something no noise or anything just free spins Hoping I dont need a 3 -4 kit Can drive in 2ed gear Looking around and people saying it could be this Just seeing if some one else has had this problem as well Tips and pointers Peter Mayo:

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I used the following Lokar Pieces. One word of warning, while you pay a premium for the quality of these cables the instructions leave a little something to be desired. However, if you take your time and think it through the install is very easy and hopefully this write up will help fill in any blanks. Before the install remove the IH throttle and kick down linkage from the engine. The kick down rod goes into the top lever on the transmission. The kick down lever is held in through a simple cotter pin.

Remove the pin and pull the rod up from the top with the rest of the linkage. What you have just removed is proprietary to IH trucks, and I would keep it together. You never know when someone will need it and you can use it as barter. The first thing I did was install the cable bracket onto the carb. The bracket shows no deflection during use, even with a slight misalignment. The next step is to install the kick down cable.

This requires a bit of effort as you have to climb under the truck.

Cadillac engine knowledge

It has a junkyard and a junkyard turbo trans in it. Anyway, the kickdown solenoid isn’t hooked up to anything. There are no sensors, power wires, etc that i can find going to the gas pedal and there is only one coming off of the carb, it looks like it may be for the electric choke. The interior looks like its been guted and inexpertly reassembled, so some wires may be missing; the real trouble is almost nothing is stock so the wiring digrams don’t help at all.

Jan 29,  · 2 – A manifold Vacuum Switch, cost around $ This system automaticlly locks up the converter when in high gear, and a predetirmed manifold vacuum is reached.

No separate tailhousing, light duty 3-speed, not suitable T R No separate tailhousing, 4-speed overdrive. Inspect the GM bellhousing for cracks around bolt mounting holes and for damaged dowel pin holes. Inspect shift shaft where the shift lever attaches make sure you have the shift shaft nut. Check the threads where the transmission mount bolts to the bottom of the case for damage.

Make sure the transmission oil cooler fittings are in the GM case and are tight. Check case vent, modulator and modulator line as applicable. Transmissions that come with the torque-convertor lockup feature must be hooked up to prevent damage to the transmission. All T have torque-convertor lockup.

How to Identify a TH350 Transmission

This trans swapping guide is for early Chevrolet iron and concentrates particularly on first- and second-generation Camaros. It may be the most complete resource guide the crack Chevy High Performance editorial staff has ever created. We have gone to great lengths to supply you with as much swapping information as could be dug up. The TH is a bolt-in replacement for a PG, making this swap a relatively straightforward one that requires no crossmember or driveshaft modifications.

This swap is pretty straightforward in any early Chevy, considering that TH s were optional in most of them. If your vehicle ever came equipped stock with a TH trans, then you could pick up a crossmember from the scrap yard or a source like Classic Industries, which would allow the TH to bolt right into your stock frame.

Installation Instructions for Classic Chevy,GMC and Ford cars and trucks. 12VVCP – 12 Volt Vacuum Pump Installation Instructions -PDF. MP-T Small Block and LS1 V8 Engine Mount -PDF. SMF – Full-Sized Chevy Car Motor Mounts -PDF. Battery Box – Drop Out Battery Box .

First the parts that worked for me without modification. If your car has a TH or other trans, this may or may not be true. Shifter, I was suprized that the original Automatic shifter installed in my 78 wagon actually had 4 forward gear detents, only 3 were used with the TH , so even though my shift indicator does not line up in 2nd or 1st gears, it does funtion well.

Earlier shifters probably do require a new detent gate be installed. Now the many things that required modification. Trans Crossmember, as you know the R4’s rear mount is located aprox 7″ farther back from the stock TH Mount.

A518 Lock Up Wiring Instructions (46RH Only)

If you stick with 87′ and newer the tranny will have a 30 spline input shaft and a 27 spline output shaft. This allowed me to re-use my drive shaft yoke from the Turbo The bolts going into the R4 are M10x1. Metric torque converter bolts are also required to bolt the converter to the flexplate, GM PN The R4 uses a lockup converter. I love my lockup.

Apr 14,  · A is a better fit, and it has been done. Comparatively speaking a is to a as a is to a Both can be made to work, the smaller transmissions fit better carry the power when built and break quicker.

Nearly 22 years ago now. Today, it has 95, miles. A large percentage of that 58, mile difference has been off-road in the Pacific Northwest. The rest has been getting to and from the trail-head to leave the pavement. I traced this rig’s history and spoke to it’s original owner not long after buying it. He had purchased it as a dealer “demo” with 4, miles on the odometer. He used and abused it hauling a 55gallon drum, hunting dog cages, and pulling a 12′ trailer before the Repo-man mercifully rescued her from him, returning her to a Mike Salta dealership in Portland.

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That’s when I say again that I’ll probably be buried in her instead of a casket. I’ll get in and the Optima Red-Top fires her up on the first try even though that battery’s 72 months came and went long ago. Mechanics I’ve talked to say they’ve seen these old AMC 6 cylinders go K miles before giving-up the ghost.

Setting The Transmission Kickdown On TH-350, TH400, And 700R4