Teardown of Tesla’s cordless battery charger exposes how it achieves what Apple might not

What you need to comprehend

  • JerryRigEverything carries out a teardown of Tesla’s Wireless Charging Platform.
  • Removing the soft front plate exposes an eye-popping range of 30 copper coils for supplying power to your device wirelessly.
  • While the charging brick outputs 65W, simply 15W is referring to your device.
  • The Tesla Wireless Charging Platform costs $300.

Wireless battery chargers can save us from coping cable televisions, allowing us to toss our phones atop them and keep going about our day. Tesla’s new Wireless Charging Platform, brought to life by FreePower development, was used the exceptional ole teardown treatment by JerryRigEverything. You might’ve started flinching from the imagination of him dropping metal with a box cutter … and you ‘d be perfect to do so.

Tesla’s most present cordless battery charger is nestled within an angled metal frame, and the part you ‘d rest your gizmos on is soft to avoid any unwanted damage. The plastic charging brick can output 65W of charging power. Nonetheless, Tesla’s product does not provide that much power to a particular device, although a few of the finest Android phones support such speeds.

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