Cloudera’s Effect Report 2022 is Live!

In 2022, Cloudera had some fantastic outcomes– over 3,000 hours offered, $680,000 contributed and stories of groups of Clouderans getting together to return, around the world.

What’s essential to us is the private lives affected.

In 2022, Cloudera supported:

  • Mentees to browse early phases of their professions.
  • Veterans to re-build self-confidence through sport and re-engage with professions.
  • Under-represented individuals to re-train into tech.
  • Senior individuals with notes of relationship in their native language.
  • Clouderans to feel consisted of at work.

Every part of our Cloudera Cares work impacts a person that has a story to inform, which’s what we are commemorating in this report.

Check Out the complete report here, or see the video:

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